Monday, March 29, 2010

Simply Monday....

There was laundry to do.  I always wash sheets on Monday and then a few other things, depending on how full the laundry chute is.  The sheets are already off the line and up next came the jeans and towels.  It was especially warm and breezy here today, otherwise I would not have been able to hang out the jeans with confidence that they would dry completely.  
(See the snowbank back there in the trees?)
  Peering out the window, I spied this house finch at the feeder.  The boys built me the feeder many Christmases ago and it's still faithfully doing its job.  It is just so much fun for me to see all my feathered friends returning back home.
I did a little looking around on the blogs today and found Angry Chicken's pattern for a lined bonnet on sale for just $8.  I couldn't resist.  I purchased it and stitched one up for my lil grandgirl this afternoon.  It was so easy and I think it's an adorable style.  It's cute plain & simple, but if you added some trim or lace you could really spiffed it up a bit more.  Lots of possibilities.
 H. came over to model her new bonnet for us.
She wore it without complaining or tugging at it and played happily in the yard, throwing the ball to the dogs and gathering up sticks.  I plan to make more bonnets for outdoor summer days.  By the way, if you like to wear bonnets, you can make one for yourself as well as for the lil girls in your life.  The pattern includes three sizes: adult, child, baby.
"Monday is the key day of the week."
~Gaelic Proverb
It must be true.  Just think of how my week would be thrown off if I didn't get the sheets washed!


  1. I washed sheets today, too. :0)
    Love the bonnet on grandgirlie....

  2. Your blog is so pretty and I LOVE the picture of the laundry on the line. Aaaahhh, peacefulness!
    Have a wonderful, warm Tuesday too!

  3. Love the little bonnet! Love wash have lots of levis to wash! Happy spring to you :D

  4. Freshly washed sheets here too!
    And little grandangel looks right at home with her prairie bonnet.


  5. I wish hats were as cute as bonnets. It's sweet that you made a bonnet for holy week. I'm thinking about decorating a hat for myself - I think the grands would find it entertaining on Easter Sunday when they come over for lunch. One extra guest invited so far and when she asked what she could bring, I said, "Bring me a chocolate bunny." I'm falling a bit behind on my bunny eating. I usually don't like Mondays at school - kinda crabby. I like Mondays at home. I washed rugs!

  6. That little bonnet is adorable, Jody. Looks like a perfect Monday -- I love that Gaelic quote!

  7. I love how your hat turned out, I have the same pattern and it's one I'd call a classic, pretty and useful. The pink and white polka dots on yours are adorable.

  8. The bonnet is very sweet - especially with polka dots :D

  9. I had a friend who made bonnets and my little girlie wore them a lot. They are so cute! I'll keep this one in mind for futre grandgirls :)

    I need my clothesline fixed before I can join you in laundry hanging. I love doing it - and so does my husband :)

  10. Love visiting your blog today. Everything was such a breath of fresh air. I'm enjoying, so much, how your sampler is coming along. Have a blessed day!

  11. I can't get enough of seeing laundry drying outdoors. Do you ever hang yours when it is cold and dry enough to "freeze" it dry, as I read about in books?

    I will surely make use of that quote on Mondays!

  12. That bonnet is so adorable! Such a sweet little one wearing it too. I remember wearing one as a child after reading the Little House books. That photo brought back many happy memories! Happy Easter.

  13. HI Jody!

    Your images are beautiful. I'm sorry you have so much snow...but I did get enjoy your positive spin on it ("poor man's fertilizer" ~~I had no idea snow increased nitrogen levels in the soil). Thanks so much for the pretty pictures, new information and the lovely quote!

    A blessed Easter to you and your family.



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