Friday, March 26, 2010

First Meadowlark...

I heard his unforgettable song first....
and then I spotted him on the barb wire fence 
as I was shutting the gate on the sheep's pasture.
Joy fills my heart whenever I hear
that first trill.
The meadowlark has come home!
In celebration I stitched an itibit.
One with him singing
and the other with the notes.


  1. Very cute Jody! Have you checked in on the owl tonight? I did and she was sleeping -- not nearly as exciting as last night! Will you be having a little owl square?

  2. This is just precious! I believe you captured him quite well on canvas. Thank you for your kind card, it made my day. Have a blessed Saturday!

  3. That is a sweet chirp! I've got to learn my birds better :0)

  4. Love, love LOVE this!!!!!!!

  5. This is so cute! Great stitching, Jody.

  6. I LOVE meadowlarks! I used to hear them a lot when I lived in Colorado, but I don't think we have them here in central Minnesota.

  7. I also love the 39 Squares blog!! I hadn't visited your blog for a little while and had missed this. How cute and what a fun idea!

  8. Your tiny stitching work is delightful! I can almost hear him singing!

  9. Oh Jody, I think this may be my favorite square. So sweet xoxoxox Clarice


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