Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy First Spring Robin Day!

It's been a foggy, drizzly, gray day -- a day which is perfect for afternoon naps.  So I took one.  Earlier this morning I spent a wee bit of time embroidering a robin on my 40 Square Inch Sampler.  I took out my bird guide to see a picture of a robin in flight, and I stitched her flying close to her nest of eggs.
 Dedicated to the First Spring Robin on March 14th.
Could it be a coincidence or a God-incidence?
  After my nap today, I went outside to tend to the chickens when what did I hear?  The "chirp" of a robin.  I knew it's voice instantly.  I waited to hear it again to make sure I wasn't having "wishful hearing" but there it was again, "Chirp....chirp-chirp-chirp," as clear as could be!  It wasn't the "cheery-up, cheery, cheerio" sound, but the simple "chirp" sound.  Click here for robin calls. And then I saw him perched up in the Ash Tree, and then I saw him fly.  What a joyful lift to my winter-weary soul!

I took another little stroll down through the steers and heifers and saw a great, black, swooping flock of blackbirds!  How wonderful!  As I slogged my way back home with my bucket of eggs in hand, I spied duck tails upturned on the stock pond.  Ducks and geese a-mingling on the stock pond.  Well, Jiminy Cricket!  
Spring is busting out all over!

In celebration....
A Snickers Chocolate Egg....
Lemon Meringue Pie!
or both.
A spring treat for our afternoon coffee.


  1. Sweet! I may have to bring my bird guidebooks upstairs because now I want to look at some robins. Jeff ate my bunny #2 - just left me her head which I chewed while ironing this morning. That Snickers egg looks beautiful on your pretty plate and why doesn't my meringue ever turn out? My mother's was glorious! I took a long nap, too. Kelli and I walked in the snow first and then I took a delicious book upstairs and napped on the bed by the window. LOVE Sundays.

  2. I love reading your blog! Reminds me so much of my younger years on the farm -- hated it then, miss it now.

    While the robins aren't back to northern Minnesota yet, it did get to nearly 60 degrees today! I had my window open a crack, and while I was playing the robin calls you linked to I saw my little neighbor girl looking around, trying to find the bird. She had such a big smile on her face to hear one I couldn't break the news that it was just a recording. Thanks for the smile!

  3. My opinion is that it was indeed a God-incidence that you met a real robin. Joy! And your sampler is charming. When it is finished you will show the whole thing on your blog, I hope.

  4. For Proof of Bliss: This comment is actually for you, because I just linked on over to your blog from here and am so happy to have discovered it! I can't comment on it yet, though, unless you change your comment format to "pop-up." It's some glitch that my computer and others encounter.
    Hope you will consider changing it--and I'm sorry, Jody, for posting this message here!

  5. Your little robin and nest with eggs are just perfect for this time of year! And you had a Pie for Pi day -- it looks fabulous!

  6. I love hearing about the robin..I am waiting for my first sighting. I love the little one you've cute! I vote for both....YUM! Come say hi :D

  7. I'm laughin' -- no, I won't be correcting you at all. You do a wonderful job and your blog is always so much fun to read. And I love your photography, so many fun pictures!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. My blog is a little different -- I couldn't craft my way out of a paper bag, so I'm using my one strength and hoping it is useful to others.

  8. I adore the Spring Season for all that is fresh and new. Love how you have shared it on your blog, Jody.
    That lemon meringue pie looks wonderful!
    The robin is my favourite bird and I am always eager to spot one in the Spring. I haven't yet, although a ring-neck pheasant made his appearance this morning and that was wonderful to see!
    Thank you for the peek!

  9. Love your sweet squares! My mom and I are going to start our own one of these days. I can't wait.

    Your area looks like mine does, a ton of slush and mud, but I will take it because that means the snow is finally melting!

    Have a great week,

  10. I've been pretty much away from the blogging world for several months....
    catching up on your blog this morning has been like a breath of fresh air...Spring my heart and soul.

  11. So fun! Your little stitcherie project is coming alone so sweetly! And there's chocolate and lemon pie-- two of my favorite things. I know how you feel about spring. I feel like I'm starting to wake up from hibernation-- more energetic and more exuberant. :-)

    Susan L

  12. Hey lemon and chocolate go really well together xoxox Clarice

  13. I'm loving your stitching! Are they going to be framed? We saw our first Robins last month. It's always encouraging!

  14. Oh yes, lemon and chocolate! I agree with Clarice. growing up my mom would make a doubles crust Lemon Pie and frost it with Chocolate Frosting. Yum!

    I am excited we have been seeing a lot of Robins this year. Last year there weren't many. I have also had the privilege of seeing Bluebirds, and hearing the Meadowlarks along with Red-Winged Blackbirds.

    I love your handwork Jody, it's just beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day!


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