Sunday, March 28, 2010

The green things growing

Red and green tulip tips --
a glimpse of things to come.
Pale green daffodil tips protrude with promise.

Hopeful hollyhock beginnings.

Spring snow is still a possibility.
Carrots and onions are on the garden list.

O the green things growing, the green things growing,
The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!
I should like to live, whether I smile or grieve,
Just to watch the happy life of my green things growing. 

O the fluttering and the pattering of those green things growing!
How they talk each to each, when none of us are knowing;
In the wonderful white of the weird moonlight
Or the dim dreamy dawn when the cocks are crowing. 

I love, I love them so - my green things growing!
And I think that they love me, without false showing;
For by many a tender touch, they comfort me so much,
With the soft mute comfort of green things growing. 

And in the rich store of their blossoms glowing
Ten for one I take they're on me bestowing:
Oh, I should like to see, if God's will it may be,
Many, many a summer of my green things growing! 

But if I must be gathered for the angel's sowing,
Sleep out of sight awhile, like the green things growing,
Though dust to dust return, I think I'll scarcely mourn,
If I may change into green things growing. 

"When the grass disappears, the new growth is seen,
And the herbs of the mountains are gathered in,
The lambs will be for your clothing...."
~Proverbs 27:25, 26


  1. Perfect. My thoughts, too. We had a big snowfall while we were gone so there are just a few icebergs in the way of my green things growing. Soon.

  2. Oh and Jody, I forgot to answer your question. Above the door it says St. Ann's School. The church is currently Armenian but the buildings around it have changed over the years. It is located next to Granny Smith's grave.

  3. Oooh, I need to go check and see if my hollyhocks made it this year -- they struggled so much last year with that nasty rabbit. LOVE your cute little itibits!!!

  4. Isn’t it exciting when you see green things popping up. It is like a promise xoxoxo Clarice

  5. It's so lovely seeing new plants beginning to emerge in the ground. Yesterday my husband and I visited the gardens at Tohono Chul and we went a little nuts with our cameras trying to photograph all the beautiful flowers emerging. It was so wonderful.

  6. Your veggies are cute. Let's hear it for GREEN! I love how spring slowly moves north. What's that quote about chasing it? From Texas to Montana. :)


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