Saturday, March 20, 2010

Merry First Day of Spring!

I spied a pair of robins this afternoon amongst the caragana bushes.  I snapped up my camera and took these photos from my window.  Then Sue chased them off.  She loves to chase birds.
Doesn't Robby Robin look curious?  
It was a warm, windy 50-ish degree day, 
very like March.
I've read that the male robins often arrive first in the spring.  You can tell them by their bright orange-red breast and their darker capped head and white eye ring.  The female has a much duller color.
We had our afternoon coffee and tea and a celebratory
lemon cupcake on the front porch in the sunshine.
I made a lemon box cake, added some lemon zest to the batter and then topped the cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting (Julia Child's) and a sugar carrot.
Very Spring, dontchathink?

I saw a really interesting happening today on the stock pond by our house.  There have been Canada Geese coming and going  these past couple of weeks and today I saw a pair of geese walking across the ice of the pond to the other side where four other geese were standing tall and erect, watching them cross.  Once the pair got to the bank, they lowered their heads to the ground and continued to walk toward the other geese who remained upright.  As the pair walked, they made a very low, groaning sound.  A humbling sort of sound.  I had never heard nor seen this before.  The two continued in the bowed state and then would stop and turn away from the four.  A moment more and the pair would try to approach the four again, with heads lowered and the low groaning sound hovering forth.  There was absolutely no response by the four geese, just an erect stance.  The pair of geese from this point on, walked away from the four, heads lowered and groaning.  

I wondered if the two were defending their pond territory since I have noticed a pair of geese that stick around all the time.  Or perhaps the pair was submitting to the four in a pecking order of some kind?  I didn't watch for long, but I noticed the pair swimming on the pond later this evening.  They were the only geese around.  I'm not sure how everything was  resolved, but I *think* the pair  remaining tonight may have been the same couple who were bowing and moaning.  Other geese and a variety of ducks come and go from time to time, but one pair of geese stays.  It'll be interesting to see if they choose to nest nearby.
click picture to enlarge
I see the moon,
and the moon sees me....
The moon looks like a sail boat
ready to embark into the dark sea of night.
More about the week's night sky here.


  1. So glad the robins let you take their photograph. They are wonderful indeed.

  2. Very Classy Cupcakes! Certainly different from my less-than-gorgeous (but very tasty) Creme Fraiche Coffeecake I made this morning! The top came off!

    Happy Spring Jody!

  3. I think we have kindred hearts! I love, enjoy and notice these kinds of things too. I even put the recipe to a Lemon pound cake on my post...I was out for a walk today, I saw new blades of grass coming up and new baby calves, listened to the water rushing by..watched for but did not see a robin! You were blessed! Come say hi :D

  4. We are studying robins right now and are still waiting to see our first of the season. Those cupcakes would have been loved in our home. What a sweet mom you are.
    Warm wishes and joy, Tonya

  5. I love the little pieces you embroider. Will they be used on something? You might have already said in an earlier post, but I missed it.

  6. Oh, your cupcakes look *really* good. Happy Spring to you!

  7. Sounds like a very interesting goose ritual you've observed -- I wonder what it means? I've often wished that I could mark animals that I observe somehow - to see if they're the same ones that I see later. Love the cupcakes -- do you make your own little carrots?

  8. How interesting about the geese, I have seen them approach each other with their heads down but do not have a clue what that means ??? xoxoxo Clarice

  9. Happy Spring Jody :)

    The Robins are so beautiful! I wish I could get close enought to take a photo. The cupcakes look SO GOOD! I love the little carrots on top :) Have a blessed day and enjoy the warmer weather!


  10. Just to answer a couple questions....

    Thimbleanna, I wish I could somehow mark the geese and know who was who, but alas, I can't. I don't make my own sugar carrots, but instead I bought them at a cake decorating store. I love adding little sugar flowers and things to the top of cupcakes.

    The embroideries will be a type of sampler and I'll likely frame the set somehow.

    Thanks for your kind comments everybody!

  11. I really enjoy reading your blog. I am new to this blog world .It is so wonderful. I have loved twilight, the stars, and the moon all of my life.I will watching the sky tonight. Will you?

  12. HI I posted the above comment.I wanted to give you my blog address.


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