Thursday, March 04, 2010

Remains of breakfast...

Not for breakfast, 
but a sweet picture of lambs enjoying the sunshine.
One ewe left to lamb!
Sometimes when I look around me as I do my everyday chores, I see beauty in the simplest things.


  1. Yes, there is beauty in simplest things!

    As I peek into some older women's lives, I've been reminded lately how grateful I am that I can do those everyday chores. It's kinda changed my perspective from drudgery--- "I don't want to do this" to "Wow, I'm so grateful I still have the ability to do this!"


  2. I'm the very same way - eggshells, a loaf of bread on a wooden cutting board and dear little lamb faces. Beauty all around :) (hey a bit of an Easter theme goingon here - I just saw it :)

  3. Such pretty colored eggs xoxox Clarice

  4. Me eggs, what a little miracle they are! Love the cute babies, they all look so are such a good care taker! Come say hi :D

  5. Whew! Thank you for not showing us lambies that were for breakfast LOL!

  6. We read so many of the same blogs, I see your name all the time. I can't believe I've never checked out your blog before. I love it! We love so many of the same things. I'll definitely be back as you're going on my blogroll right now!

  7. Joyce,
    Perhaps we have to get "older" and slow down a smidge before we can appreciate these everyday chores and the goodness they hold?

    Island Sparrow,
    I didn't realize I had an Easter Theme going. Ha!

    Storybook Woods,
    I love my colored eggs too and they taste SO good!

    All of these things are small miracles, aren't they?

    I don't think we've ever had lamb for breakfast but plenty of other things from the ranch.

    Thank you for stopping in and saying HI.


  8. Oh, the lamb faces warm my heart! YOU are all about simple beauty and that's why I love coming here so very, very much. Your personality jumps off the screen as such a real invitation to think, to dream, to treat the soul to a big scoop of joy.

  9. I popped by to see what is new in the land of Gumbo.
    Just a quick visit~ and leaving with a smile.

  10. That bread looks wonderful! And the lambs! So dear.



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