Monday, March 08, 2010

Bits of Monday...

A sunny day to line dry sheets and pillowcases.

Fresh-washed eggs.
Someone is a hippie-layer.


I heard them from my bedroom window as I napped.
I had to see them.
I'll sleep at night.

The first of the migration

Canada Geese have arrived.

The ice has heaved
snow is melting and running-off into the stock ponds.
Spring is breaking out!

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.  
~Hal Borland


  1. The curtain of winter is lifting!

    Hope you're feeling better Jody.


  2. What a beautiful day you have had and a blessing to have eyes that see it all. It's good to know that spring will be coming cause we just keep getting more snow everyday!!! :D

  3. What a hopeful sight--laundry out to dry with snow in the background! And the eggs, and a calf in the sunshine! I hope you feel better soon.

    I enjoyed reading every one of your lamb posts (adorable picture on March 1st), but you might be glad it's over now. Did your number of bum lambs ever settle out? Is calving as intense as lambing?

    One last question: How did you get that divided header with the title in the middle? I love it!

    Enjoy your "warm" weather!

  4. I am just in awe! You live in a 'little bit of heaven on earth'!!!

  5. Yay! Spring is coming! It's all so beautiful!!!

  6. What a dose of happy this post delivered to my heart today. I find it so satisfying that you NEED boots. Everywhere you go around your farm, you must have boots. I need boots just a few times per year. Post about the boots on the farm? Thank you for sharing - I love your words.

  7. We share the same type of spring - melting snow,puddles, baby animals, laundry outdoors (above a bank of "spring snow") and the return of the wild geese. We heard them honking overhead as we woke this morning.

    Love the hippy egg :)

  8. What a wonderful looking Monday you had! Love the hippie egg and those beautiful geese! And all that wonderful water!!!! Are ya'll officially out of a drought or is that wishful thinking?

  9. These photos are just stunning. Makes me chuckle to see the clothes on the line in the sunshine with that snow pile on the ground!! Love it...

  10. Jody,

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. I love the laundry on the line in the snow. If I had a clothesline that is where mine would be too! The hippie egg is perfect! OH, and that little calf stole my heart, how adorable!

    I hope you are feeling better!


  11. Joyce,

    Yes, winter is lifting, for the moment. Tonight & tomorrow we're expecting a snowstorm -- possible 8-10", but still unsure how much. We call these "spring storms" because hopefully it will stay warm and the snow will melt faster.

    More snow expected here too.

    So far we have 12 bum lambs. We've picked up a couple more because the mother ewes were sick and couldn't feed their lambs. Calving is every bit as intense as lambing. We're getting up through the night to watch the heifers (first time mama cows). Storms complicate things.

    The Banner was made using Picasa # (free download) and making a collage.

    Sometimes it is positively heavenly, and sometimes it's hard.

    Spring will come!

    Pom Pom,
    You know.... I had a picture of the muddy boots on my deck and thought about posting that too. I will later today.

    Yes, we do share the same sorts of winter and spring melts. However, I am always in awe of your ocean pictures.

    Yes, I'd say we are out of the drought pattern. Some parts of our area still are not, but we are, I'm happy to say.

    You should see my out hanging the clothes on the line -- high top boots and all!

    Thanks for stopping in. It's fun to see a "new" face. The hippie egg was pretty funny. I'm feeling better too.

    Thanks everybody for your kind comments and for taking the time to stop by.


  12. I loved your post!
    Spring is coming! Spring is coming! We got a good 10 inches last night - wonderful, wet snow that we need.

  13. I so enjoyed your blog! We live and ranch in NE Wyoming. We don't have sheep anymore...just cattle. Friends of mine do though. We won't start calving til the middle of April. I'll have to make your gingerbread - sounds delicious. I've added you to my own blog list. Come by for a visit. Stay warm and enjoy spring whenever it gets here. I saw my first bluebird yesterday. Shery J

  14. Looks like a wonderful Monday. It must be a relief to see bits of spring coming xoxoxo Clarice

  15. Love the photos and the look into your Monday. (Is Monday always "washing" day for you?) I miss my clothesline, but I'll have one again, I'm sure! I've always gotten eggs from friends or family with chickens, but I've never seen a hippie egg before-- funny! :-)

    I loved all of your lamb posts, too.


  16. Now I see I should take advantage of the sunshine and not let a little snow stop me from hanging out some laundry!



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