Friday, March 12, 2010

Boots made for sloggin'.....

My boots.  
They really are were cute boots, 
but who could tell when they are covered in mud....
....or snow like today?
This nice, wet snow will produce mud
in the warm sunshine that's on its way!
Where I live, you must have boots 
for every kind of weather and duty.
You need boots like these Bogs that are warm and waterproof.

And you need boots to ride horseback.
Below are my spring mud boots for warmer weather.
They work for rainy daze...
Or snowy daze.
But they aren't warm boots, just waterproof.
They are great for washing trucks and cars.

On warm days, I expect the boots to be taken off at the porch, but when it's cold, the boots come into the mud room.  Nobody likes to pull on cold boots to go out into the frigid weather.  Brrrr.

I'm really looking forward to some of this!

And this!


  1. LK LOVES her Bogs! Cute too, except the dog took a bite!


  2. You have great boots! I am again struck by your soil. It looks like the beach. Is it as sandy as it looks?

  3. Haha! Those boots are MUCH cuter when they're not covered in mud!

  4. Love all the boots! I was just saying yesterday that I need to go and get me some gortex or tennies for my return to the Northwest...

  5. Very cute! I love boots too..we wear them here too. They come off out in the garage here. Love all your boots and the painted toe nails...I haven't painted mine all winter! Come say hi :D

  6. Yahoo! The boot post! Your boots are so cute! Love the muddy/snowy/fuzzy ones and the heart wellies! I need a pedicure! YOU are the BEST!

  7. Joyce,
    The Bogs really are terrific, comfy boots that can do the WORK.

    The mud that I'm slogging in in these pics is a sandy/gravely soil that is on our roads and in the barnyard. So yes, I guess it is beach-like altho I never thought of it that way.

    They ARE cute when new!

    They make the bogs in a short version. I'd like to try them.

    I haven't painted my toes all winter either. I really one do it in summer and the pic was from last spring.

    Pom Pom,
    Yes, you got your wish. I hope you enjoyed it.


  8. I'm thinking in investing in a pair of mud/chore boots, for washing horses, cleaning stock tanks, etc. I have come across those Bogs, I will have to look into them more!

  9. I love the old boots with flowers in them, and I love the bare feet with the polished toes, too!

    Still have snow? Oh, come to Carolina, where it's turning into spring time. We'll treat you real nice!


  10. Well I guess boots are not just for looks at your house ;-) xoxox Clarice

  11. Jody,
    I love my bogs and wear them all the time. We just bought a pair for Grandma A. They'll be great for her walks though she told me they were almost to cute to get dirty!:)I think their cuteness add a little sunshine to the cold/wet days!

  12. Your boots have quite a history and are history in the making too. You have a way with photographing most anything!!


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