Sunday, November 30, 2008

More from the Christmas Workshop...

My newly married daughter asked if I had made Christmas stockings yet for her.

"Ummm well, no, not yet," was my reply. I had told her earlier that I would make her and her husband special stockings if they wanted them but once I finished the babies' stockings, I kind of forgot about the idea. Dear Daughter and I had been shopping at a local store, following the sales, and decided that the stockings "out there" were okay, but that I could do something more unique and personal. So today I did it.

I found the patterns for the felt cut-outs here and here at Midwest Living. Check out all the seasonal patterns here. I like the calm spirit of these patterns which will easily flow past Christmas and into winter. The stockings won't, but some of the other projects will. I did not enlarge the patterns (as directed) for my stocking projects, but kept them the original printed size.

I had read somewhere that you must never iron synthetic felt. Well, I did. I even used Heat and Bond (the non-sew variety) to adhere my felt poinsettias and the reindeer (or is he an elk?) onto the stockings. I pressed them again, and again, and again. And no, this was not the wool-blend felt. It was a nice by-the-yard-felt, but not the very best quality. It worked well, and I was happy with the results. I had hesitated to do some other projects with felt mainly because of the directions: "Do Not Iron," but now I will move onward without fear. Just for the record, if I were making some of the Midwest Living projects, like pillows and throws, I would spend the extra money and buy a wool-blend felt. I think they would hold up better.


  1. Wow, Jody, these are *really* cute! Compared to me, you are a Wonder Woman of all things sewy and crafty. I love all of the projects you've shared lately!

    Susan :-)

  2. Mom! We LOVE these!! Thank you so much! Cant wait to recieve them and hang 'em up.

  3. well done!! Thank you for the pattern and posting your lovely work.

  4. Oooh, they're beautiful Ms. Gumbo! And I love that your daughter posted how much she loves them -- they're obviously a hit.

    I also loved the turkey videos that you posted -- too funny! And of course Charlie -- that's one of my favorite videos ever!

  5. They turned out so nice..looks like a good pattern. Dianntha

  6. Jody, these turned out wonderful !!!!!! xoxoxox Clarice

  7. I LOVE the stag on M's stocking!! How regal!

  8. Oh Jody they're gorgeous. You're a very clever lady!

  9. very nice...absolutely darling.

  10. Thanks for your encouraging words, ladies. I love your comments.


  11. Hi Jody,

    I've enjoyed reading about all of your Christmas preparations today. I hope you all are well and enjoying the season, even though it's been very cold where you are.


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