Saturday, November 08, 2008

Over the drifted snooooow... OH!

Sharp-tail Grouse tracks are above. They're a lot like chickens. They are ground birds that mostly walk around but they do fly... something like B-1 Bombers. (click pic to enlarge)

Jackrabbit tracks to the left, snowshoe tracks in the middle (can you say BIG FOOT?) and dog tracks to the right.

Raccoon tracks look like small hand prints in the snow.

The dogs love to come romp with me through the snow. Sue loves me, can ya tell?
(click any pictures to enlarge)


  1. Oh my I love coming here and seeing what a different climate you live in from me. The snow is beautiful!

  2. How fun . I love that you take every moment to find the beauty in your world. Those tracks are so amazing. Too cool to know what they are.

  3. Wow! You really have snow.

    My flowers are still blooming. It must be the coastal climate.

    Sue looks like Sophie's sister:)

  4. OhMyGosh Jody! Your pictures are beautiful! I love the snow -- I wish we got big amounts like you do. I've never been snowshoeing -- that would be a great thing to put on a list of "things to do before I die" LOL!

  5. Jody, I love these snow photos-- so pretty. I love the snow drifts and the sweet tracks and that super-cool dog and the snowshoes... Pretty, pretty.

    Susan :-)

  6. Just to clarify....we really do have This Much Snow in the shelter belts (rows of trees) but on the flat prairie where the wind blew, it's bare. So......

    Still, I have fun walking on top of the drifts of snow. Thanks for your comments.


  7. Sooooo beauitful xoxoxo Clarice


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