Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Simple Joys....

Yes, the pumpkins are still on the mantle.

One of my favorite blogs is Abiding by Leslie, and one of my favorite features at her place is "Simple Joys." Today I'd like to write down a few of my own Simple Joys. Will you join me?

Jody's Simple Joys....

A "Day Out" with hubby, shopping in the City.

Going to Jolly Lane's Greenhouse to see all the gorgeous Christmas trees -- plain and flocked -- and walking down rows upon rows of poinsettias sporting blue, purple, yellow, pink, speckled and sparkly leaves. My favorite is still red, as you can see by my Christmas banner. (Thanks Seth!)

Finding a Rosemary Christmas tree for my table. It smells so strong and spicy. I made rosemary-garlic potatoes with the snippings for supper.

Driving safely home through the ice and drifted snow which glazed the interstate and secondary roads. So many slid into the ditch, but we stayed on the road. I think it may have been the prayers I was whispering along with the steady, wise driving of Hubs.

Sons who are honest and complimentary at the same time: "Mom, that messy bed-head look is really good on you! Really!!"

Freshly washed dogs and their freshly washed rugs.

A new chocolate peppermint cookie recipe that turned out the first time.

The giggle of my grandbaby.

Number Two Son's bedroom cleaned and turned into a sewing/crafting workshop --a work still in progress.

My morning mugs of coffee with a tipple of cream.

My afternoon single cup of coffee with cream and a couple chocolate chip cookies.

A hot bath with tea and a good book balanced on the edge of the tub. Oh, and don't forget a squirt of warm vanilla sugar bath bubbles.

Chickadees at my feeder.

A cozy fire when it's 10 degrees outside.

A long letter from a friend.

Lighting the candles and reading our Advent stories each night before bed (and we're all adults!)


  1. I've enjoyed your list of simple joys--good stuff indeed!
    {And I still have some pumpkins around as well...suppose this weekend I will take care of them and start thinking of some Christmas decorating.}
    Happy Advent!

  2. Those all sound very nice to me, with the possible exception of shopping, but I understand the seasonal aspect, and who better to do it with than a husband? I really like the last three, and the way you get coffee on there twice ;-).

  3. Great list, That beautiful tree would make me happy. Clarice

  4. What a great list! I especially love that last one -- I love reading aloud!

  5. I really like the look of that Rosemary tree! Enjoy your simple pleasures, they are the best...

  6. Nice tree Mom! Looks cool. And I also have pumpkins up still....

  7. I enjoyed reading your list of simple joys...they really add up to so much don't they! The rosemary tree is beautiful, and I can just imagine the lovely scent filling your home.

  8. Wonderful list. I too still have pumpkins sitting on my porch. DS hauled the rotting ones to the chickens..but wanted to keep the big ones as long as he could.


  9. I love, love, love the Rosemary Christmas tree! It is so pretty! I bet is smells yummy! Where did you find it?

    I agree about the list...Wonderful.:)


  10. Jody, I loved your list! You were sweet to mention me. I like your use of the word "tipple"...your new banner...and all the things you listed. I like lists like this because not only are they cause to ponder and be thankful, but they give more insight into your everyday life than what you might normally write about...that is what I think, anyways.

    I have not ever thought about how hazardous driving must be with all the winter weather you get. I am such a winter weenie.... I won't even tell you how I am braving our 30 degree temps here in tx - but we haven't turned the heat on yet and no source of fire other than our hearts! :)

  11. Well I've never heard of a Rosemary tree but I'll be looking for one now.

    I share so many of the same simple joys - every day - most of them free - and yet priceless.

    What advent stories are you reading?

  12. I love the simple joys of life. Today mine is a hot cup of peach tea.

    I have nominated you for a blog award. If you have time, check it out!

  13. I found the rosemary "tree" at the nursery/greenhouse. It's not actually a tree, but a rosemary herb that is grown to the shape of a tree by trimming. I really like it.



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