Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...

This is what we woke up to this morning. The wind and snow revved up last night and blew hard all night. We really thought we'd end up without electricity, but it was sustained. We even had the tractors fueled and ready just in case we needed to start the generators up.

I went out and helped Hubs this morning. Out in the feedlots, I opened, closed and guarded gates while he took the tractor in and out and cleaned away snow from the feed bunks and stockades. Look at these poor, snow-splattered Herefords. It's 25* F and we probably have about 30 mph winds which makes for a wind chill of 9*F. It's miserable out there.

This is my favorite corner of the house lately. I moved the rocker in front of the woodstove and find much comfort and warmth here. I don't even mind tending the fire and hauling in armloads of firewood. A hot cuppa and a book makes this a very cozy spot.

I've had a spell of heartsickness since the election has been decided. Obama was not my choice, but I wasn't all that wild about any of my choices. Now that all is said and done, I am off to do the next thing. I know that nothing comes about that hasn't been through My Father's Hands first and so I accept it. I'll accept that the people have chosen, but I'm not about to sit still and shut up. I won't sit quietly by because the President-elect doesn't know when life begins. I won't sit idly by if he chooses to raise my taxes because it's patriotic. I won't sit still when he decides to "spread the wealth around" or when he establishes socialized medicine. I AM going to carry on with living the way I always have.....worshiping God, loving my husband and kids, being the best homemaker I can be, living on a budget, loving my friends and strangers alike. I'll keep on doing what's right and good, and.... I'll expect my government officials to do the same. I'm going to have to carve out some extra time in the next four years to write my senators and congressmen more than I have been and perhaps I'll write the President too. It's nothing new to me, but I'll be redoubling my efforts.

Elections have their purpose. We will get what we deserve. I think about the chapter in I Samuel chapter 8 (I recently read this) where the people asked Samuel for a King. "We want to be like other nations. We want someone else to judge us and fight our battles for us...." Samuel prayed to God about this, but God answered, "Listen to them and give them what they want and warn them...." I think God is saying the same thing once again. Nothing's new under the sun.

Now for a little laugh from some of my favorite folk singers/comedienas -- The Smothers Brothers.
Take it, Tommy and Dicky!


  1. Lily,

    Amen and amen! I've been thinking very similar thoughts regarding the election and our country. In fact, I just finished a post on my blog about doing the right thing as Christians, even though all of America chooses not to! We still have the choice to adhere to all that is right and good, regardless of what our leaders are doing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. BTW...It's always been a dream of mine to live out west on a ranch..still unfulfilled, maybe someday! It does look rather chilly though. Brrrr...

  2. Oh man, I am ever glad I am not a sheep in the snow! Your cozy corner looks very inviting and I like your thoughts about the future. I think our Christianity becomes more authentic when faced with a little adversity. I am praying for our new president.

    Stay warm!

  3. I was in agreement with you, right up to the point where you said you expect government officials to do what is right and good. I think that power corrupts, and I think that too many of our government officials think they are omnipotent.

    I worry that things are going to get worse but worry won't change a thing.

  4. I think one of the reasons I haven't been upset about the election results was because I've never been a huge fan of McCain.

    I truly believe there are very dark days ahead for this country and the world.

    Speaking of dark (and cold) days, I LOVE the area there by your stove. :)

  5. I thought I was cold. I am soo glad God is contole. Clarice

  6. Loved the Smother Brothers! Love your snow! But most of all, I love your cozy corner, and I am inviting myself over for a cuppa!

    I also am disappointed by the election results. But Obama can't change our minds about what WE know is right, life begins at conception, no questions asked Period. I just know that God is still in control, and that we are called upon to pray for our government and all in authority. We can also pray that God will open Obama's heart and mind to the Truth.

  7. Oh, those poor cows! We had a beautiful day today, but your cold will be here tomorrow. I'm not ready -- I need to do yardwork on Saturday!

    All I've been able to think about for the last two days is that old phrase "Bend over, here it comes." The American people are going to get what they asked for. I was stunned to hear the news commentators say that they couldn't predict what kind of presidency Obama's will be because we don't know much about him. How on earth could we elect someone we don't know anything about?

  8. Silvana,
    I agree, that no matter what the political climate, we still have to do the right thing and continue to live our lives out in the time and place and in the situations He's put us in -- to His glory. I hope you get your dream one day!

    Adversity tests our faith and we all must be tested. I'm praying too.

    Nancy R, well, you know I *want* my public officials to do what's right and good and I'll call them on it. Maybe I should've rephrased that. In a perfect world, they'd just do the right thing.

    Brenda, at least during these dark, cold days, we have a comfortable, welcoming place called Home where the atmosphere is fine and we can rest while and sip a hot cuppa.

    Amen, God is in control. Stay warm.

    Sage, I'm glad you enjoyed the Smothers Brothers. I could watch them again and again. Come on over for a cuppa.

    Ya better get that yardwork done soon because this is nasty, nasty weather! How COULD we elect someone whom we "don't know much about?" Yes, we can!

    Thanks all for your comments. I enjoy reading each one.


  9. Burr....I just had to show your pictures to my DH....he just shivered,,ha. We have not had any cold weather yet. Only a couple of freezes....but oh the wind. Yuck.

    Yesterday I to read the account of Saul becoming had been banging around in my head for several days...He gave them a King, and He gave the people of this country who they wanted...Indeed we are in for some dark days ahead...but God is still on His throne, and He isn't surprised at all. He will never leave us or forsake us.


  10. Well said and keep warm. Have a pot of tea knowing I'll be thinking of you being warm.

  11. Wowzers, I thought it was cold in my neck of the woods!

    I'm not sure if *any* politician has the guts to be actively pro-life when they come into power. Tony Blair was a practising protestant Christian when he was elected (much was made of it) who then converted to Roman Catholicism when he left the Prime Ministership. He had plenty of opportunities to act upon his convictions when he ran the country, but he didn't. They tend to do what is expedient, not what is right. Oh, I sound like a cynic! I don't mean to, write your letters Jody, use your democratic right to politely kick bottom.

  12. Ah thanks for the Tommy and Dick laugh! I haven't seen them for ages :)

    Have you seen the John Piper clip on the election? It was thoughtful and well-said.

    Keep warm by the stove!

  13. Hi there Lily!

    I'm looking at your deep freeze and my windows are all wide open and the sun is brightly shining at about 75*. Sandals and capris are what I'm wearing this a.m!

    I'm on the exact same page regarding the outcome of this election!! I recently wrote in my journal (based of a recent movie released called Come What May)---"Do the right thing, come what

    By God's grace, may those who love Truth and hold to it, do what is right, come what may!

    hugs to you this day,

  14. Oh, I miss snow like that. We don't get much in GA. I do love reading your blog and seeing your pictures.
    I too am not excited about the new president. Actually Wednesday morning I was a bit distressed. During my quiet time God gently reminded me He is in control. What a peace, that we can know that no matter how bleak things look God is there taking care of every detail.

    Thank you for sharing the video. I haven't watched too much of the Smother's Brothers, that was a treat. My step-daughter came in to see what I was laughing at, she thought it was funny too. :o)

  15. Amen Jody! I am a little slow getting to this, but I wanted to thank you for voicing your thoughts about the election. I am sad that so many voters seemed to overlook the whole 'life' issue, and I am angry with the mainstream media for their biased coverage...thanks for the encouragement to carry on and to trust in God.


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