Sunday, November 02, 2008

How to Save a Hamburger...

We had burgers and oven fries for supper last night and ended up with 4 left-over burgers. I can't stand to throw food out so I refrigerated them with intentions of re-heating them the next day. If you save grilled hamburgers, I have a tip for you....
Do NOT re-heat them in the microwave. They will taste terrible. Blech! Really, they do.

Instead, do this....
Put a little olive oil or veg oil in a cast iron skillet over medium heat.
Allow it to heat up a little and then add your left-over burgers.
Put a lid on top to capture more heat. After just a few minutes, flip over and heat the other side, being careful not to burn or char your burger.
Add a piece of cheese to melt over top and serve on a bun, the way you like it. It tastes just like a fresh-grilled hamburger.

Ta Dah! You've done it! You have just saved a hamburger from the dog dish or the trash. (I'm so proud of you!) Yes, this can be done with other grilled meats as well.

And now....
A little clip from a movie I watched recently, The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin. In this clip, Steve is learning to speak clear English before flying from France to NYC so as not to be conspicuous while on his secret mission.


  1. What a great tip...I don't know why I can't think of these things!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Thanks for the tip!!

    To answer your ?? about the blog banner title: My daughter helped me with it using her program...which has all sorts of tweaks for text.
    I have not figured out how to add text to photos using my MAC.
    I am sure it is not hard, just am MAC challenged.

  3. Good to know ~ I always save leftovers!

  4. " this booth sound proof?"

  5. I'm glad to hear that you are all about "saving the hamburger."

    Domum, THIS booth is soundproof! Did you just... do something?


  6. Oh good tip. I that Steve Martin was sooo funny. Clarice

  7. My pup won't appreciate the tip but I do :)

    And thanks for the morning chuckle!

  8. That is a handy dandy tip. I will remember it.

    That movie was a hoot. Need to rent it again soon.

    Have a great day


  9. What a great laugh and needed much!! I love Steve Martin.

  10. I really needed this clip today. Over the past few days of pre-election hype I'd misplaced my sense of humor...I added it to my blog, too. Thanks for the levity.


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