Friday, November 14, 2008

Workshoppy gift ideas....

It's "That Time of Year" when my mind is spinning with ideas for gifts that I can make in my workshop. I just love doing this and you know, there are gobs of ideas out there that don't take a heap of time and energy to make.

I'm about to begin some pretty Rubblework Scarves from Pink Chalk Studios. If you like to sew and create, you'll love her blog. Kathy's having a sale on the PDF pattern which is well worth the price for the tips and ideas she adds within. There are also a free pattern for a water bottle carrier that's very cute!

You've seen the fun baby softies and scottie softies I've been playing with too. Those are freebies. Oh, and Chrisi mentioned in the comments where to find the Snow Baby embroidery pattern. It's over at Florisita's blog.

If you're interested in a give-away for a little quilt, you must visit Camille at Simplify. You might even consider purchasing one of her adorable quilt patterns to make as a gift for someone special or for yourself.

Look at this DIY website filled with oodles of fun crafty ideas and tutorials from several craft blogs and web sites, One Pretty Thing.

Do you have a Starbucks addict to buy for? Why not stitch up a personalized coffee cozy for that Starbucks latte? Look at this tutorial.

And don't forget Wee Wonderfuls' free patterns for softies and embroidery projects. I made the Elf Sitchettes for childrens' Christmas stockings.


  1. With CHristmas only a few weeks ahead, my mind is spinning with creativity too :-)

  2. Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions. I've seen the coffee cosies around but until you used the words "Starbucks addict" it never occured to me that I have a few people I could make these for. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the links, I to am thinking Christmas gifts. Clarice

  4. Hi! I just found you and I am enjoying reading your blog! Thank you for all the ideas and links you posted. I was wondering about your profile embroidered picture, where did you get the design? I looked back at your embroidery category hoping to find it, but I didn't. I would love to embroider that cute little girl. Hope your day is filled with blessings! Gail

  5. I'm glad you ladies are finding some helpful creative links.

    Gail, I used the pattern from Doe C Doe. It's an Ondori pattern from her blog:

    She has lots of great embroidery patterns.


  6. ThanX for the great links, Jody!

    PS: I got to see Clarice's rubblework scarf in person last week (as well as a table runner she made using the same concept) and both were beautiful!

  7. Lots of grand ideas. I might have to make myself a coffee cozy!

  8. Cute stockings! I have some knit red and tan ones that I got last year...those would match perfectly.


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