Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From my workshop....

Bitty Baby Booties!
I found the freebie pattern for these by Heather Bailey. They seem to fall off her precious lil' feet, but I think they're just a tad too big. I made them out of double-sided polar fleece for coziness. Remember when I made these booties for the Grandangel? She hasn't tried them on yet -- probably waiting for Christmas -- but I think the little bit of elastic will keep them on her feet better.

This is the Snow Baby softie I made my Grandangel for her Christmas stocking. I'm also making these cute little Scottie Dogs to add to the other babies' stockings. You can find the free pattern for the softie dogs at AllSorts.

I have one more Dolly to make and I'm still contemplating what she will look like. I found this cute Snow Baby at Hoop Love Flickr Group, but I don't see her there anymore. There is a darling boy on a scooter though! And you'll find other fun things too.

Here is Snow Baby all by herself. She's stuffed lightly with fiberfill so little hands can hold on. Too much stuffing and she'd be hard to grab, I think. Since the pattern for her is not "out there" anymore, you can click this photo and print it for yourself. Trace and stitch (but please do not sell).

Addendum: Here's the link to the snow baby and some of her friends. I enlarged her by 200%.


  1. These are all so darn cute! I love your work!!

  2. Awww, you grandmas get all the fun! Love that little snow baby!

  3. Very, very sweet. I'm in love with those Scottie dogs too!

  4. So cute - she will love her!

  5. I love your softies! I might just make some for my grands for Christmas. This is a homemade Christmas around our house.

    I tagged you for some Linky Love. Check it out on my blog.

    I thought you had an Etsy Shop and this is an add a link meemee to bring more traffic to your blog.

  6. I can't wait to try these. My little grandson will be here is March and I can't wait!!!!!!!

  7. I love the softie, she's so cute....Great Job. I always have trouble getting my stuffing even. The Scottie dogs are really cute too! Here is a link to the snow girl pattern at Floesita's Pattern Blog: http://mytransfers.blogspot.com/2007/11/holiday-cuties.html I recognized it because I used it for a Christmas ornament last year.


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