Saturday, December 10, 2011

Orange marmalade...

I had a few oranges that needed to be used up, so I thought of orange marmalade.  We haven't had that in a couple years so yesterday I began to boil the oranges and lemons and let them rest overnight in their juices  for 12-18 hours.   Then this afternoon I finished it off by adding sugar and boiling it until it jelled.  Do you like orange marmalade?  Either you like that bitter-sweet taste or you don't.

Orange Marmalade
~from The Joy of Cooking

2-3  large oranges
2-3 small lemons
Scrub well and cut into quarters and remove seeds.
Add and simmer for 5 minutes in...
3 c. water
Let stand and cover for 12-18 hrs in a cool place.  Remove fruit and cut into very small shreds.  (I removed the peel here and just added a little zest from the peel instead of leaving in all the peels)  Return to the water in which it was soaked.  Boil 1 hour.  Add for each cup of fruit mixture:
1 c. sugar
Boil the marmalade until the juice forms a jelly when tested (temp reaches about 222 or 224* F).
Pour into clean, hot jars and seal.
Makes about 3-4 half pint jars.

 A couple jars for us and a couple to give.


  1. Nice!
    We made marmalade in home economics class years and years and years ago! Did Paddington Bear come for tea?

  2. looks delicious! haven't made marmalade in a long time but think I'll dust off my recipe and make some before year's end.
    Merry Christmas from Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm in VA/USA

  3. I wish I could smell it. And Paddington was the first thing I thought of, too. Jody, you are always making something wonderful.

  4. Have scads of oranges and lemons on my trees. I think some of them will end up as marmalade.

  5. Lovely! Looks so pretty in the jar!

  6. Looks good; I've never made this. May have to give it a try.

  7. Gosh, I don't think I've had orange marmalade since I was a kid -- and so I can't even remember if I like it. It sure looks delicious -- I can't imagine I wouldn't like anything with sugar!

  8. Good grief - you are ambitious! Making orange marmalade in the midst of all the Christmas 'to do's'! I know it will be scrumptious. I made dried orange slices yesterday -- not nearly as complicated and time consuming as making jam but about the best I could do ;).
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Aren't canned fruits just beautiful to look at? Good job!! :) And I bet your home smelled fabulous that day!

  10. Yumm, I love the combo of chocolate and marmalade. Clarice

  11. We have a big Seville orange tree in the village, now I know what to do with all of those oranges. Thanks!

  12. Orange marmalade is delicious! It's a special treat just for me. On homemade bread toast. Yum!



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