Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleaning up Christmas....

After Hubby and I took the Littles out feeding the sheep and the cows, Miss Peach overheard me talking of taking the decorations off the Christmas tree.  "I want to help you take the decorations off the tree, Grammy."  How could I say no?  She enjoyed plucking each ornament off the tree and placing it carefully in its proper ziplock bag.  We wrapped every glass icicle in a paper towel and put them in their bags too.  All the candy canes were unhooked from the branches and one candy cane slipped itself immediately into her mouth.  The rest were put in a blue mason jar for later.  I unwound the lights from the branches while Peach watched me.  It was fun to sit amongst the lights!

Most of the Christmas decorations are packed away, but we decided to keep the Cowboy Christmas tree up for awhile.  She calls it the Cumbleweed.  Peach thought it needed a few pink balls added in with the white and silver balls.  It looks just right for the New Year!

The candles will stay out all winter long and I'll keep the pine cone garlands up around the windows for awhile.  I also like to keep my evergreen and barb wire wreath at the front door through January.

I was looking around on Blissfully Content (Julia's blog) and found the niftiest gift wrapping idea.  Most of us are all done wrapping gifts, but I have a couple of January birthdays to think about so this newspaper gift wrap & matching bow looks like fun!  The instructions are here.  Enjoy!

I'm beginning to think about January organizing and tidying-up.  I like reading all the magazine articles on home organization and tips for cleaning.  Better Homes & Gardens has a good issue on organizing the home this month.  I'm sure there are others out there.  Maybe we can share ideas with each other when January rolls around.  Until then, enjoy these last days of the Old Year.


  1. I had help taking the tree down today, too! Candy canes went in mouths, yes.
    I'll miss the smell of the evergreen boughs. I love that smell!
    I want to bright-a-fy our house for January, too.
    HP is smart to put the pink balls on the cowboy Christmas tree!

  2. What sweet memories you are making!

  3. Very sweet. I've got Jan birthdays and can't wait to try the news print wrapping.
    My oldest says "cumbeella" in place of umbrella, seems like they could have a great conversation about "cumbrella's" and "cumbleweed's". ;)

  4. Pom pom, I'll miss the evergreen smell too. I do have some fresh greens in a vase that are nice to sniff.

    Choate Family, I love making memories, even if I'm not really trying.

    Rain, the little people in our lives would have a jolly time conversing, wouldn't they? Cumbrella is SO cute! I hope you like the wrapping idea.


  5. So sweet, that Peach! She is getting so big girl.

  6. Darling Little! Love the pink in the cumbleweed (reminds me of our little C calling the cousins cuzbands ;).
    I'm just not ready to take all the sparkly down -- I love it so -- maybe just one more week?
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. The small memories are such cherished ones, you're so blessed to be close to your grandbabies Jody.
    I'm afraid we are holding onto Christmas a little longer this year;) and will see to next week. I also will keep candles out and leave my wreath up. The wrapping idea is perfect Jody and I will use the idea for Greg's birthday tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing the idea. Ann x

  8. Our tree is down now too. We had no little helpers though. I love your cowboy tree. I can see that it could be up for much longer.



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