Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Speed E Whipper goodness....

So....I bought myself a handy little pre-Christmas gift because I knew I would need it desperately for the holiday feeding frenzy.  All of the kids and the grandbabies will be here and there simply MUST be enough whipped cream in the house. And really, since it's Christmas and all, it should be FUN to make, right?  Yes.  Bring in.....
 Speed E Whipper!

In the picture above you see cream, honey and the whipper.  Well, I learned a terrific little tip about keeping REAL whipped cream from separating.  You know how it gets after it's been in the fridge a day or two?  Well, the tip for perfectly stuck-together, unseparated whipped cream is HONEY.  When you are ready to whip your cream, add 1 tsp. of honey to each cup of cream you are going to whip.  Whip as usual and then add in your sweetener to taste.  I like to use Torani vanilla syrup for my sweetener.  I got that tip from OnlyDaughter who used to work in the local coffee kiosk, Pony Espresso.

This nifty kitchen tool came out in the 1950s and is the perfect retro tool for any kitchen.  It is so simple and efficient, and I feel a little bit like June Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver when I'm using it (minus the dress, pearls, and high heels).  Basically, Speed E Whipper is a glass jar with measuring lines and a stainless steel plunger with a lid.  I found my Speed E Whipper over on Etsy and I see them out there on Ebay too.  If you look hard enough, you might find one in the second hand shops or at garage sales.  I like the nostalgia and the cuteness of it as much as I like the whipped cream it produces. (I bought mine for $9 plus shipping)

 I think I gave the whipper around 75-80 plunges before I had perfect whipped cream.  It's fun to make and I'm sure my kids are all going to fight to make enjoy making the whipped cream for our holiday desserts this year.

See!  Isn't it beautiful stuff?  The best part of making whipped cream this way is that you can suck it off the plunger when you're done.  I wish it had a nice little snap-on plastic lid to store the whipped cream in the fridge, but it doesn't.  I might find something in my Plastic-Bowls-n-Junk Cupboard someday.  But really, when you've got a houseful of guests, I'm thinking there won't be much left-over whipped cream.  Yum!

It's the Snow on the Mountain, the Frosting on the Cake, the Star on the Tree,  the Tip of the Iceburg, the Whipped Cream on the Sundae!  Got to love it.  Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?


  1. Youngest Daughter and I are planning to stop by some antique/thrift stores tomorrow. I'm going to keep an eye out for one of these.


  2. Ah, I have something like this! We bought it for making coffee froth, broke the glass canister, and then realized the top fit into our French press, so it's still going strong. Lately we've been using it to make toppings for hot chocolate/moka combos. I never though of using it for whipping cream, though--silly me!

    I like the way it says patent pending on the side. I wonder if that patent has been in process since the 1950s? Surely they know there are similar inventions by now! (Having a husband in the patent business makes me think of these admittedly strange comments.)

  3. That is AMAZING!! What a great kitchen tool, and so fun! Well, I'm just a tad jealous. Somebody needs to start making those again. Thanks for the tip!

  4. What a great tip to use a bit of honey in the cream! So what's my favorite kitchen tool? I'm going with one of my newest fun items...onion goggles! No more tears when chopping onions!

  5. YUMMY! I love whipping cream VERY much!
    What a cool tool! I don't have any kitchen tools. Maybe I should!
    I read Floss's A Childlike Christmas post where she interviews her students. They all love cake! I am on the hunt for the perfect chocolate cake recipe and as i recall, you have a few. Can you email me one?
    Love you, Jody!

  6. Oh how fun! Thanks for that great tip about the honey -- I had no idea. My sister gave me one of those whipped cream dispensers with the little gas cartridges about two years ago -- we finally tried it for Thanksgiving this year and it's really cool - I love having whipped cream always on hand. I also have a friend who has a daughter who works at Starbucks and she mentioned the vanilla flavoring trick to me too -- must be a coffee house secret!

  7. I like the fact that you can make the whipped cream quietly. I so often seem to forget to make it and have to run the mixer just before dessert.

  8. Plain Ol',
    I hope you and DD find a whipper.

    I honestly thought about the patent pending too. Does Bob need to bring this wonderful gadget back? Glad you found the right container for your frother. This gadget would work well for that or for mixing dressings, milkshakes and etc.

    Onion goggles? I hope you post about them sometime. I'd like to see you in them.

    Pom Pom,
    the cake recipe will be "in the mail" (email, that is).

    I had one of those whipped cream maker things like yours and it fizzled out. Not sure what the deal was. They are nice.

    I always hated to start up the beaters before dessert too. Quiet is nice.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the handy-dandy honey tip! It works. Thanks for your comments.


  9. I want one of those! Good tip about adding honey to keep cream from separating.

  10. That is amazing and I have never even heard of one.
    It looks like something I need for Christmas too.
    I never knew that about honey either.

  11. I think my new favorite is the speed e whipper!.. Even though I don't actually own one yet.

    I was disillusioned when you clarified about the pearls and heels. I was getting a kick out of picturing you, dressed like June, using this state of the art kitchen tool..

    Ah well, thanks for sharing your great whipping tips. Enjoy the cream and enjoy those kids and grandbabies!

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Oh my word! That is the coolest thing ever! I am going to look for one today!

    And the honey tip, who knew? I am going to try it asap.

    I love love love my attatchments that go with my Bosh mixer. I can shred a huge block of cheese in no time, sack it up and put it in the freezer and have shredded cheese when I need it. Much cheaper then buying it already done. And I love my hand held nut grinder as well.

    Have a great day!

  13. What a nifty gadget! And thank you for the honey tip. I will be trying that. I love my hand held chopper. I am always chopping something, yesterday it was cranberries.

  14. I have been wanting one of these. It is good to know it works so well for you. xox Clarice

  15. Jody, I'm using the honey tip today for my whipped cream--and, I have a speed e whipper too and love it :)
    Merry Christmas!


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