Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mukluks for Betsy...

 I just finished a pair of 3-Button Boots for Betsy, but I'd rather call them mukluks because they remind me of the Eskimo shoes we used to wear as kids.  We called them mukluks, did you? 

The pattern was pretty straight forward.  I used one of Hubby's old suit jackets for the wool exterior and lined them with wool-blend felt.  They are sure to keep her toes and legs warm this winter.  I want to make a pair for Mary too, but the pattern I have looks too small.  Maybe they have a larger one or perhaps I can fudge the pattern a wee bit.  I'm not so confident in that, but you never know until you try.

I found the best wool plaid in green, black, gray, and red at The Bakery yesterday for just $6.95 a yard.  I want to make some throws for the bedrooms since it's extra-wide.  It would make some adorable mucklucks too!  I'm still chugging along on my sewing machine to finish a couple more Christmas gifts and I still have baking yet to do.  Plenty of time....two and a half days!


  1. I DID buy ingredients today, but so far I have not baked. We shoveled piles of snow this morning. I'll pay for it tomorrow!
    The boots are wonderful! Way to go!
    You mentioned The Bakery and reminded me that I'd love to visit the fabric store about now. The roads are too snowy!

  2. Those are so adorable!! Betsy is going to look absolutely darling in those muk-luks. That is what we called them, too:).


  3. These are so ADORABLE!!! Jody, there is no end to your talents. You must post a picture of her feetsies inside of them. They are super cute!!!

  4. If I skwinch my eyes, Betsy's mukluks look like those I used to wear as a kid. You did good. Have a merry Christmas.

  5. Oh, they are sweet!
    The Inuits people of the Artic region call them 'kamiks'.

  6. Oh I love them! Cant wait for Betsy to try 'em out this weekend! :)

  7. Ohhh! Those are wonderful!! I love how you recycled materials to make them. Will we get to see the other pair too?


  8. You did a great job on the mention that you use mukluks when you were young, so did I. Where did you grown up?

  9. These are adorable! You are such a sweet grandma!


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