Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas....

 A Charlie Brown Christmas isn't *just* a cutsie cartoon about a funny bald-headed boy and his spirited (sometimes annoying) dog Snoopy.  It's not even a very jolly Christmas cartoon, but it does touch my heart about some very real issues that always seem to sneak up around Christmastime.  I look for joy in places that always disappoint. 

 No one thinks to send a Christmas card.

I am sent to find the perfect Christmas tree and fail.
 Someone is always interrupting our special moments.
Just like Charlie Brown, I cry out in frustration, 
"Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?"
Then Linus brings the truth....

I always cry after Linus tells me again that it's about the Baby in The Manger,
Christ the Lord.
Now let's all sing, Hark the Herald Angels Sing! 
together with Charlie Brown's friends.

It's so simple.
What child can resist The Christmas Story?

It's a Childlike Christmas and friends of Pom Pom's are sharing.
Before I go, I must share my all-time favorite Christmas CD.  Of course, it's A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi.  Click here to listen!  


  1. I love that show, too, and we watch it EVERY Christmas!! I have been meaning to get a moment to tell you that I love your decorations, too! So fun and inspiring:).

    I have been reading the Christmas story to my kids and I think we are going to try and do a play with all 10 cousins when we meet for Christmas this year. I thought the Nativity would be perfect...I am praying I can make it happen!

    Have a lovely week. I am so enjoying your Christmas posts:).


  2. I haven't seen Charlie Brown since the 70's. We used to get it in the UK when I was a kid. I always felt so sorry for Charlie. The Christmas one looks good, thanks for sharing. xx

  3. This is my all-time favorite Christmas movie and has been from the very first showing years ago. I really like your perspective on it.

  4. You've reminded me to take that CD to school today, Jody. It's all about our KING! Hooray!
    I love the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's perfect!
    Oh, we are so blessed to know Him.
    GREAT post, friend!

  5. Ahhh, we love Charlie Brown here too. Just Monday night, I heard big "Yes" from the family room -- hubby was flipping channels and found A Charlie Brown Christmas and he was beside himself LOL!

  6. It is so true and I still love it as much as when it first aired when I was a kid.
    I love hearing Linus tell Charlie Brown about Luke 2.
    When I read it I still hear his voice.

  7. Fabulous- I'll be back tomorrow with the suns- well, later today actually!

  8. This is my favorite Christmas special, and the one we watch on Christmas Eve. Charles Schulz was a believer, which should come as know surprise to any of us watching. When Linus tells the Christmas story, it brings me to tears, too.



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