Saturday, December 03, 2011

They look'ed up and saw a star....

 Tonight was the night we hung the star on the barn.  It's a big deal for me -- probably bigger than the Christmas tree, at least for me.  We went up and found the old star in disrepair and had to take it down and bring it home for a light make-over.  Once repaired, Hubby and I went back up to the Big Shed, hung it up, and plugged it in.  Immediately my heart began to sing the verse from The First Noel....

They looked up and saw a star
Shining in the East beyond them far
And to the earth it gave great light
And so it continued both day and night.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

 It's not a fancy star by any means, and it's not located on a busy street or a super highway, but those who pass by on our lonely gravel road will see its light shining out from the darkness.  I hope they think about the  Star that pointed to Jesus, and I hope it thrills their hearts as much as it does my own.     


  1. Awesome! "the people living in darkness shall see a great light"
    It reminds me of driving to our families' homes for Christmas in the dark of winter, silently along the highways, when suddenly we come upon a silo strung with lights. It takes our breath away as we reflect that this farm family wants the whole world to know that they celebrate the birth of Jesus our King!

  2. Ahhh. The Christmas season has officially begun when you blog about the star on the barn. I LOVE that tradition and I LOVE that you blog about it. Thank You!

  3. So beautiful Jody...I love that you put it up for all to see! It is a beautiful reminder of Christ!


  4. G'day. Your star looks just beautiful. Take care. Liz...

  5. The star. The sheep. YOU. Oh, I like the Christmas feeling I get here.

  6. It thrills my heart, too, to know it is shining again!

  7. What a blessing it must be for anyone who sees an unexpected star on a lonely road!

  8. What a welcoming beacon to those in the darkness. Ah yes...


  9. Oh, I would love to see that star shining out from the dark!


  10. I love your star. I'm still trying to nudge hubby to make me one! :0)

  11. a simple yet lovely Christmas decoration~!!!~love it.



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