Monday, December 12, 2011

Poinesttias in the kitchen sink and other things....

I bought two small poinsettias the other day and it was time for them to have a drink.  I set them in the kitchen sink to soak up some water from the bottom of the pot.  Wouldn't it be lovely to always have poinsettias in the sink?  The dishes might stack up, but....
There, now they are back in their proper pot.
I stitched a couple of ornaments for the baby girls' First Christmas.  One for Betsy and one for Mary.  There are the cutest patterns over at Feeling Stitchy right now.  These two were from that collection.  I had to enlarge them a little bit with the copier. 

 I just found the adorable ribbon at The Bakery last week. It's red on the other side with white flowers. I wish I had a whole bobbin of it, but it's much too spendy for that.

I'm soaking the cut juniper greens in the bucket so they'll stay nice and fresh when I bring them inside.  I plan to add some stems of evergreen to the barbwire wreath.  I just love the smell of freshly cut evergreens, don't you? Santa needs a little bunch of evergreen plopped on his bald head to stay warm.  Today's a gray day,  frosty and foggy with a bitter wind blowing and 25 degrees.  I don't mind.  It keeps me bustling inside.


  1. Love love love those stiched ornaments for your grands!

  2. Your ornaments are VERY cute, Jody!
    My first green garland dried up and died so I am waiting a bit to buy another.
    I put my poinsettias in the sink, too!
    Oh brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Stay warm!

  3. I foresee some ornament creating in our future - thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the stitchery patterns... and yes, poinsettias in the sink all the time would be divine!!

  5. You're doing some mighty beautiful things in your home this Christmas, Jody! Those ornaments are precious! You're amazing with a needle :)

  6. It sounds a lot like Christmas at your home Jody! The poinsettias are beautiful. I tried to keep them after Christmas one year -- no luck. And those little ornaments are adorable -- very, very cute!

  7. LOVE those ornaments!! :)

  8. What sweet ornaments, so beautifully stitched! You are so clever! xx

  9. The flowers looks so pretty in your sink. It is too bad they can't stay there a good use for the kitchen sink. :)
    I love the white enamel bucket they are in though. I love enamel.
    I need to go out and get some greens too. I keep meaning to do that.
    I really like your ornaments. They look so nice.
    Stay warm.

  10. Yes I love boughs of greens and a freshly cut tree in the house. The smell is so lovely!

  11. G'day Gumbo Lily. The flowers look lovely in the sink. I have never bought a Poinsettia, but have always admired them when I see them.I do love the stitcheries. They look just fabulous. Take care. Liz...

  12. It's such a gift (or many gifts all together) to have a warm house to bustle around in on a cold winter's day, with the family to serve, the strength to keep going, the joy in doing it....yours is a testimony to God's grace. Thank you for sharing it!

  13. Very pretty! I love the baby ornaments. they are so sweet. The scent of fresh greens are amazing!



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