Sunday, May 16, 2010


Saturday was a big workday for us.  After regular chores, we moved a bunch of cow/calf pairs out to a fresh pasture and then gathered another bunch up to bring in.  We sorted the calves off and boosted their vaccinations and Hubs greased the udders on these mother cows.  They had had some harsh weather conditions which gave them a bit of chapping.  

After lunch, it was on to the sheep.  They were brought into the sheep corrals where we sorted the ewes away from the lambs.  S. and I, along with the dogs, were herding the sheep into the alley to sort them. 

Down the alley they go!

Our dogs love their job!

A. gave the lambs deworming medicine, a drench down the throat.

Sorting the bucks (the big ones) away from the ewes and lambs.

Hubs is counting the ewes out  the gate.  It's funny to me how they always jump when going through the gate -- a statement of freedom and joy!

This is Penny, our son's family's dog who loves to work sheep too.
Notice how tight the rope is?

Turning the lambs out the gate to join the mama sheep.

Going up to fresh pasture.

It's time for some refreshment! 
Have a Coke and a smile!


  1. This would make a great commercial for Coke! They ought to wake up and come visit your place! Really! :D

  2. I really enjoy your pictures of your range and the work you all do... :0)

  3. I love the sheep faces. I also love the LEAP! What a day! Does Hubs fall into bed at night or is he used to this? The dogs DO look very happy. It reminds me of the song from Sesame Street that we used to sing to each other, "I'm a dog, I'm a working dog, I'm a hard working dog!"

  4. Boy I feel so lazy now. My work day is nothing like yours ;-) xoxoxo Clarice

  5. Love the pictures! It is funny how the sheep leap out the gate. I kinda like sheep....don't DH is a beef man all the way..Ha Ha.


  6. Wondeful pictures--as always, I so enjoy scenes from you life on the ranch. Happy dogs indeed!

    Okay, yeah, I'm thinking of "Babe" right now, one of my favorite movies!


  7. Fabulous conclusion to an interesting day. Last photo is too perfect and yes, would make great need to submit it to the company!
    Loved this post,


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