Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turning out and other things....

Yesterday we turned out 300+ head of steers from their winter feeding pens to our big north pastures.  They were so happy to be out on the prairies eating green grass and clover.  I was happy to be out there too.  The men and I spent some time in the saddle trailing them out.  It was a glorious day for it. I know this grass doesn't look green, but underneath the old grass is new, green, delicious grass.  The steers will be out grazing and getting fat for the next couple months.

As I was doing the morning dishes, I noticed something moving out on the Ash Tree.  It was this lil guy called a Nuthatch.  He was so busy, like a little acrobat hanging upside down and creeping sideways all over the trunk and branches, picking bugs from the bark, not thinking about anything at all except his breakfast.  
  (you may click any pictures to enlarge them)

 Do you see the flash of orange in this picture?  This is a Bullock's Oriole.  My eye is always on the look out for this lightning-orange fellow.  Here, come in a little closer.

Like a loud, obnoxious uncle, you know the Bullock's Oriole is near when you hear his chatty, whistley song.  Last summer we had one that sang right by our bedroom window every morning around 5:30.  There were some mornings that I wanted to throw a slipper at him.  You can hear his song on the link above.

In my devotional time the other day, I read this from Oswald Chambers:
Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they simply are!  Think of the sea, the air, the sun, the stars, and the moon -- all these are, and what a ministration they exert.  So often we mar God's designed influence through us by our self-conscious effort to be consistent and useful.
 When I watch the birds eating from feeders or picking bugs from the bark, they aren't worried about appearances.  The cattle eat grass and lay in the warm sunshine, unaffected by economic downturns.  The tulips and wild bluebells don't ask, "Why am I here?"  They just grow and bloom, and in a short while they are gone.  I am a moon-gazer and always, I am ministered to by it's presence.  It has no sermon to preach.  It simply is.  How many people before me, throughout all time, have looked at it and wondered about how big God is and how small we earthlings are, and yet, He thinks of us.  Each of us. 

"Consider the fowls of the air....Consider the lilies of the field."
~Matthew 6:26, 28


  1. It is amazing that He thinks of us. I'm so glad. Love that pretty Oriole...

  2. So true, Jody. I love the moon, too. I think you identified exactly why I do love it so. We do worry so much about dumb things when we are really so tiny and such blessed recipients of His generous grace.

  3. Beautiful! All of it! I like the idea of being ministered by the moon. Lovely.


  4. I love to sing that song, my favorite..Consider the lilies of the's so beautiful, Have you heard it? And I love your noisy little bird..he is so pretty! I also love to go on the cattle it! Come say hi :D

  5. When I look at your pictures, I'm always amazed at how flat the land is. I love the pictures you take outside, but it's always the land that fascinates me. I'm from Pennsylvania; we have tons of hills.

  6. Spring has sprung so beautifully at your place! What a wonderful riot of colors in both flowers and birds!

  7. We lack 'simple' these days.
    I think the nuthatch is my favorite bird. I have them here too and love watching them.
    I have never seen an Oriole. Their colors are striking.
    I need to change my blog header and if I do something like yours I can keep my/your sheep!

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  9. In Psalm 40:5 it talks about God's thoughts of us are more than can be numbered. Isn't that amazing--He loves us and we don't even notice a lot of the time. If we (talking to myself mostly here) could just remember that.


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