Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simple Things....

Yesterday it rained, and rained, and rained.  Hazel Peach and I had some good fun walking in the rain  splAshinG with our boots.  Needless to say we were soaked when it was time to go inside and warm  up.

Fresh, air-dried sheets...
As you know, Monday is laundry day and when its nice, I like to hang the sheets and things out on the line, but it was no day for hanging out laundry so I postponed the washing of bedding until today.  It was still cloudy and cold (42*) but there was a gentle breeze so I hung out the sheets for most of the day.  I gave them a 10 minute fluff in the dryer to take the dampness out, but the nice clothesline smell remains.

White cloth napkins...
I cut out sixteen big squares of white muslin way back in November, thinking that I would hem napkins before Thanksgiving Dinner.  I only got four of them hemmed before the big day and the squares have been on my to-do list since then.  I finished them up yesterday and washed and pressed them today.  Cloth napkins are such a simple but nice luxury.

One yard of cute fabric...
The other day I took a little time to visit my favorite shop,  The Bakery.  It is an actual store in my hometown, but the owner sells via Ebay too.  I had a "recipe" for a purse organizer that I wanted to make for my Second Mom so I needed something cute.  I found lots, of course, and decided on several fat quarters along with a yard each of four other prints I loved.  Having an extra yard (or four) of fabric in my stash can become a blessing.  In fact, a friend of mine who I saw at a graduation party this weekend, just had her second baby and casually mentioned that she really wished she had a nursing cover-up.  Ding Ding!!  Enter, fabric stash!!  Thankfully, I had  time to make it and send it along before they left town.

I am a bird watcher, bird listener, bird lover, bird feeder, bird nut.  I love this time of year because all my favorite birds (and they're all my favorites) come home to roost, so to speak.  Latest sightings:  Spotted Towhee, American Avocet, Dowitcher, Blue-winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Red-headed Woodpecker, Flicker, Brown Thrasher, House Wren.  I have the darndest time watching the house wren dart here and there, and I doubt I'll ever get a photograph of one.  They are so speedy and quick.  How do they do it?  Here's a nice online bird guide from Cornell.  I love listening to the calls.  Sometimes the call clinches the identification for me.

Field Binoculars...
To go along with bird watching.....a couple decades ago, I asked for a small pair of field binoculars for my birthday and the same Leupold binocs have served me faithfully since.  I hang them on the wall in the dining room so I can quickly grab them to look at birds, fox, cows, or whatever catches my eye when I'm looking out the window.  They also go with me when walking or driving somewhere interesting.  I can hang them around my neck or slip the case through my belt loop. 

DMC Cotton Perle embroidery floss....
 This is the best stuff for embroidering redwork.  It's got a nice feel and texture, it's shiny, it is non-divisible, doesn't tangle like regular embroidery floss and you'll have enough on a spool (95 yards!) for several redwork pieces.  I like the #8 size in color 321 (red).   I've been doing some tea towels in the evening.  Fun!  

Best Flour Sack tea towels....
I buy mine at American Chair Store. These tea towels are thick enough, but perfect for embroidery and they hold up nicely under heavy kitchen work.  I buy the 30x30" towels.  I like having a stash of these on hand at all times.  They make lovely gifts when you've embroidered on them.


  1. What a wonderful list Jody! I'm with you -- how can we possibly pick a favorite bird -- they're all so beautiful!
    We've been having a lot of rain too. Fortunately, it clears up just in time each evening for me to do a little weeding. It's wet, but makes the weeding much easier.
    And thanks for the flour sack towel link. I'm always looking for good sources!

  2. Thank you so much for the tea towel website. I've been itching to make some towels with the vintage patterns I have but didn't know where to get them. I also use the DMC floss you mentioned and I love it. Have a good day!

  3. A good list of lots of fun things to do especially on a rainy day! Fun to go play in the rain too! Come say hi :D

  4. Oh, Hazel Peach! She looks like she's having a ball! Fun, Grandma!
    We woke up to snow this morning - silly Colorado weather! I am headed up to see my new granddaughter Thursday night, so I can't WAIT! Yahoo!
    I love that red spool of thready wonderment! I can't wait to see what you've done on the dish towels. You reminded me to slosh outside and fill the bird feeder. And . . . cloth napkins ARE a sweet luxury and thank you for some inspiration. Have a peaceful Wednesday, Jody!

  5. Enjoyed reading your list. Those mud boots are so cute...
    I really enjoy cloth napkins and flour sack dish towels...
    Hope your day is full of sunshine today!!

  6. Love reading your list. Those are all favs of mine tooo xoxox Clarice

  7. Jody, the way you love birds, I wonder if you've ever watched Minnesota Bound's Loon Cam. It's a streaming video of a loon nest in central Minnesota, this year audio and night vision have been added. The nest has hatched eggs for (I think) eight years in a row. I've never seen the eggs actually get laid, but I have seen them on the nest when the parents leave briefly, and I did see one hatch last spring.

    Most of the time, there's just a loon sitting there looking around, so my family all laugh at me for watching it -- but I continue to do so when I can. There's also a blog on the same site by the man who prepares the nest and arranges the camera -- very interesting!

    If you ever get the urge, it's at http://www.mnbound.com/live-loon-cam/ -- turn your speakers on and enjoy!

    BTW, I too love so many of these simple things -- nothing beats air-dried sheets, and I really need to try your source for tea towels!

  8. Wonderful list, Jody! I wish we had your rain here, and I wish I had me a pair of those boots!

    Thanks for the link to the flour sack tea towels--those could definitely start a girl embroidering!


  9. Bliss,
    I haven't seen the Loon webcam, but I think I'll go look it up. I was watching the barn owls webcam in CA for awhile. My kids think I'm nuts when I watch too.


  10. JOdy I love the pic of you both playing in the mud. I t reminds me of when A was a little girl, she loved playing in the mud.
    I thought you might like this poem.

    Ann x
    I'm in love with mud,
    It's sad, I know, but true.
    I just can't help but splash in it,
    Or stomp a path right through.

    It's sticky and it's dirty,
    And it covers all my clothes.
    But when I see it lying there,
    A voice inside me grows...

    ...You can't resist, you know I'm right,
    It's fun to play in mud!
    Look at it just sitting there,
    I really think you should!

    I splatter in the grimy gloop,
    I can't resist the ooze!
    I run, I jump, I stamp about,
    It drips into my shoes!

    ©2003 Gareth Lancaster


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