Saturday, May 22, 2010

A cleaning phenom...

Two posts in one day, but I just couldn't resist telling you about my newest discovery in cleaning technology.  Microfiber cleaning towels!   I know I am behind the times.  I'm a very basic, very old-fashioned homemaker when it comes to cleaning.  A stack of rags, soap & water in a spray bottle, vinegar & water in another, a shaker of baking soda, Dawn dish soap, and a bottle of ammonia and I can clean almost anything.

Well, when I was out shopping to replenish my bare cupboards, I decided to mosey on over to the automotive department to get some microfiber cleaning cloths.  The purpose was not for cleaning, but for the pocket diapers I'm making. They say microfiber makes a good soaker.  I found this stack of eight cleaning cloths, 14x14 inches, for just $5 at Stuffmart.  Since I always do some cleaning on Saturday, I thought I'd break a couple out and give them a try.  Well, for crying in the sunshine!  Why haven't I tried these before today?  Amazing, I tell you!

I used a damp, wrung-out  microfiber cloth to wash the windows and a dry cloth to shine them --no cleaning solutions at all.  They came squeaky clean!  I used a damp cloth to dust furniture.  Wow, does it pick up dirt and dust and even wiped away a pencil mark on the coffee table that Hazel Peach left behind when she was writing.  These cloths rinse clean easily under the tap and go right back to work like nothing I've ever used.  I was wiping everything down and dusting everything in sight with remarkable results.  Even textured lampshades dusted clean with ease.  Oak dressers, woodwork, doors, scuff marks on the screen door all got a quick swipe and were shiny clean.  Toss the cloths in the washer, line dry or tumble dry (no softener or dryer sheets) and they are ready to go back to work.  I have to say, I'm impressed!  I'm keeping these microfiber towels in my cleaning stash.

*One note:  I think the feel of the fabric on my hands is weird.  It tends to cling or stick to rough hands.  When they are damp or wet, they tend to not seem so sticky.


  1. Jody,
    You are so funny! "For crying in the sunshine!" You make me laugh!
    I know what you mean though about the feel. I have had that same experience. A little tip I use them for is wiping my glasses. First a spray of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (same thing, first one sounds more professional)and a wipe with these cloths works great! Also can be used for the computer, windows, and even DVDs.
    Baking soda does work like a charm for so many things including tea and coffee stains in mugs and on countertops.
    Keep those tips coming...we love them!

  2. I LOVE cleaning tips, and I am also an old-fashioned cleaner. So, it is good to hear about something new that really works well. I am going to go and get some!

  3. I just got some of these, this week. I haven't tried them yet. Thanks for the review. Linda

  4. I have been using them for a while now and I just love them too! They are good for doing just about anything and everything! (Love the recipe below for tortillas too!) :D

  5. Hmmm. Interesting. I think I will go to Stuff Mart and get some! I might clean a little this summer. Smile.

  6. I learned about the microfiber cloths while cleaning windows and glass doors at church. You don't even have to use any cleaning solution, or wipe the glass dry. Just wet the cloths with hot water, wring them out as dry as possible, and clean the glass. The glass will dry streak-free on its own. I use them all the time at home now.

  7. Oh my! I bought some of these very same towels a couple of years ago and have used them for dry dusting, but you open up my mind here for so many more possibilities! Thanks! And you are so right about how they feel. I was sure that strange sticky feeling would wash out in the first wash, but no, it keeps on keeping on! xo Kari

  8. I know they are pretty amazing, a must have. Clarice

  9. I bought a no name variety - I wonder if they all work the same. I, like you, didn't like the feel so I didn't use them that much. But I'm going to try using them wet. Thanks for the tips
    and the beautiful western tanager shot. I don't think we have tanagers here. A gorgeous bird!

  10. Oh yes I do agree, they are fantastic Jody. They make my hands feel funny too :)

  11. I've had one of these for years, and I always reach for it first. Someone gave it to me as a church volunteer gift, of all things! I haven't really used it for any soaking jobs yet, though.

    And yes, it does feel sort of funny, but I've gotten used to it.

    The only downside is that the dust all seems to get sort of statically charged and then stick together in the corners of the furniture. But I just go after it there, too. Obviously, I find this a small price to pay for such a nice dustcloth ;-).


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