Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looky what I found....

This morning I was out mowing the shelter belt and pulling up old brush and saw Mrs. Robin suddenly fly up out of small juniper.  I knew there had to be a nest.  And this is what I discovered.  
A robin family is on the way!

How do robins build their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me--
First a wisp of yellow hay
In a pretty round they lay;
Then some shreds of downy floss,
Feathers, too, and bits of moss,
Woven with a sweet, sweet song,
This way, that way, and across;
That's what Robin told me.

Where do robins hide their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me--
Up among the leaves so deep,
Where the sunbeams rarely creep,
Long before the winds are cold,
Long before the leaves are gold,
Bright-eyed stars will peep and see
Baby robins--one, two, three;
That's what Robin told me.

~George Cooper

I just realized that this is my 500th post.
To celebrate, I'm giving away 
Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America
to one lucky reader.  
Just leave a comment on this post and you will be entered.  
Enter by Saturday night at 12:00 MST.
Winner will be announced Monday, May 24th.


  1. I think I will never forget the first time I saw a nest with this beautiful blue in has always been my favorite color! Come say hi :D

  2. Darlene Roudebush5/20/2010 4:53 PM

    What a lovely sight that nest is! We have lots of robins,but I have never found their nest.But one evening as I pulled weeds,a robin sang to me for a couple of hours!It was magical!! Darlene

  3. They always talk about the colour robin's egg blue but you actually have to see the eggs themselves to really appreciate what a beautiful colour they are.

    We have a book of Florida birds and my husband sits in the sun room with his binoculars trying to identify them.

    It would be wonderful to win this book.



    ps - got the apron pattern - cut one out but haven't had time to sew it since returning home last week. Will get to them. Thanks again for your help.

  4. I had forgotten just how gorgeous the blue is until my daughter found a broken shell last week. Thanks for the reminder that it was a robin egg also.

  5. I have seen many broken robins eggs (or eggshells, I guess), but never eggs in the nest. What a sighting!


  6. Oh what a magnificent colored eggs those are. Beautiful!!

  7. What an eXciting find! Oooh, just look at that amazing blue... God paints with the most spectacular colors! Congratulations on your 500th post. That's quite a milestone. I know a certain piXie who would enjoy that field guide. Please count me in for a chance to win. ThanX :-)

  8. Hi Jody-

    What a lovely discovery you made! I have a collection of various bird's eggs (well, mostly partial eggs)out in my living room now. Birds are amazing.
    Congrats on your 500th post! Please enter me in your drawing. I don't have that particular bird book.

    Take care-
    Angie in WA

  9. Your perfect robin eggs are miraculous. I held one once and they are so small. Our robins are quite robust this year and I hope they find things in my garden to feather their cozy nests. Just now, a robin has chosen to eat his worm just a few yards away from my living room window.

  10. Hey Mom- seeing this post about the robins nest brings me back to the days when we had that robin nest on the wreath on the times....always had to use the back door. :)

  11. Lovely pictures. Especially enjoyed seeing the Orioles. We don't have that kind here in Ohio. We have Orchard Orioles. Nevertheless, by whatever name...they're beautiful and oh, so welcome!
    Would love to win the field guide.

  12. Beautiful! I enjoy every post, here so much! Your blog has become a favorite place to visit. I can relate to so many aspects of your daily life, from the herefords to the sweet toddler granddaughter!:)And now a robin's nest! My son, Will just posted a photo of a nest he found yesterday(at Thank you for directing us to the Cornell birding site. We've used it so much during this migration season. Happy springtime blessings to you!

    Melissa in MN

  13. Oh, my goodness, I don't know what I would do if came upon such a sight...bust my buttons or fall into a you always have your camera at the ready?
    Just as essayists have a point of view that distinguishes their writing, so do bloggers, and your point of view is at the same time so down-to-earth and heavenly. I love your creations.

  14. I enjoy your blog--it's so refreshing. I think you're so gifted at this. I enjoy bird watching also. I spotted some Orioles in our backyard the other day and they are so beautiful. I can never get a picture of them though, they are gone by the time I get my camera.

  15. Oh, definitely entering the giveaway!! My parents used to be wildlife biologist specializing in raptors... aka The Hawk Nuts! I sent them the link to your photos of the hawks a couple weeks ago, they loved it.

  16. Oh Jody, what a gift to find. Congrats on 500, here is to 500 more xoxox Clarice

  17. Congratulations on this milestone of interesting and inspiring posts. I have loved reading your blog!
    Love the nest/eggs. We have a mother robin feeding her young at the moment and I have observed her diligence and perseverance....such a great mother!
    Lovely pictures!

  18. I did too!! Aren't they gorgeous?

    Congratulations on your 500th post - you're one of my favourite bloggers!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi, this is me (R) and my sweet dd reading your post about the robin's eggs. She just brought in a fragment of a robin's egg, so I showed her your blog and we had fun reading it together.

    Thanks for sharing all about your ranch is an inspiration to me, for me to be content where I am and to celebrate the simple yet lovely world around me.

    Congratulations on your 500th post!! May you have many blessings in the future.

    R in NC


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