Thursday, May 13, 2010

RED - work - woodpeckers - diapers...

I finished one of my redwork tea towels and I like her.  At first I thought she was a tomato, but now I realize she must be an apple.  The stem and leaf at the top give it away for me.

I clicked this photo of a Red-headed Woodpecker this morning.  He was resting in the Willow Tree out in the backyard.  It snowed and rained again a little bit this morning, but has since stopped.  The coming days are supposed to be sunny and warm.  Yippee!  The rain has been a blessing though.

My friend who recently had the baby was considering using cloth diapers.  She was showing us one of those fancy new diapers you can buy and was debating the pros and cons of buying a dozen.  Since then I have been studying homemade diapers online and came up with this lil cutie.  It's called the RRP (Rita's Rump Pocket) classic diaper.  She has a free diaper pattern here, and really, it was a snap to make.  This particular diaper has a pocket in the center that allows you to add an absorbent pad or cloth pre-fold diaper inside.  It will need a single diaper pin in front to close it, but as the baby gets bigger it can expand and will take two pins or a Snappi (have you seen these?), or I  could add velcro closures to the diaper.  I made the diapers out of stuff I had at home:  thread, a red flannel sheet, a windshirt my son was throwing out, and some elastic.  I am hopeful that the blue diaper's outer covering will be water-repellent, otherwise these diapers will need a cover.  As I investigated the *new to me* cloth diapers, I found a great idea for a pad that goes into the pocket of the diaper --  Shamwow! or microfiber chamois or those super-absorbent cleaning cloths you can buy for a buck!  This would reduce the bulk in the diapers and add super-absorbency!

This picture shows the diaper completely open and one diaper closed.  Aren't they neat?  I wish I had had something like this when I was diapering my five babies in cloth.   I felt blessed to have the pre-folds with pins and plastic pants.  I always had two in diapers so I know that I saved a TON of money diapering my kiddos in cloth.  I did buy the not-so-good-back-then disposable dipes for night time and for trips to town though and I think it's always smart to have them on hand.  I washed diapers every other day and on nice days I hung them out on the line to dry.  I know I could cloth-diaper a baby in my sleep yet today!

This afternoon I mailed out six diapers to my friend along with an extra super-absorb cloth and a cute fleece cover like this one.... 
I used this pull-on training knickers pattern  for the diaper cover. Cute eh?  Check out these DIY diaper sites:  the Nappy Network , Diaper Jungle and here's a YouTube video for sewing the pattern I used.    For excellent diaper-making supplies click SewShoppe.  These rainy days have brought lots of opportunities for indoor projects, but I'm itching to plant potatoes, onions, and lettuce.  Maybe tomorrow!


  1. I cloth diapered my babies, but my kids think cloth diapers are not so great--you have to wash them out you know. I grew up washing out my little brothers diapers, so it didn't seem so bad to me. I enjoyed folding diapers and loved looking a a stack of neatly folded ones. My kids think I'm crazy.

  2. Those diapers are really great! You are so talented with your hands. I like the little red apple tea towel...cute. That woodpecker is so chubby!

  3. Jody, you are a woman of many talents!! I also enjoy seeing what you are creating. Love the woodpecker.

  4. Your red work is charming, Jody! I want that red headed birdie to come to my house. Will you tell him?
    Wow, you are a whiz at diaper making. My mother-in-law made diapers for our babies. How nice.
    I hope you DO get out in the garden to have a good dig. Sending love!

  5. I had heavy wool diaper covers for the girls and loved them. But I am sure there is way better versions now. Love the dishtowel by the way xoxoxo Clarice

  6. I love your redwork tea towel! Do you actually use it for wiping dishes or hang it from the front of the stove to admire? =0]

  7. I think that there must be a special place in Heaven for Mommies who have used, or currently use, cloth diapers. I REALLY liked throwing the poop away with minimum contact! :)
    But, if I had been a cloth diaper mommy, I would have loved cute diapers like the ones that you made!

    I love your dish towel too. So Cute!

    Enjoy your gardening,

  8. Your red work is so sweet!
    Cloth diapering is pure dedication, yet so worthwhile.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  9. dd and I have discussed making these and I have even looked online at the patterns. I have been scared to take this on.....I don't know why. But you may have inspired me.



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