Monday, May 24, 2010

Robin report....

Here they are, three hatchlings and one egg left to hatch.
I didn't know how far along the eggs were so I'm glad I checked in on them.  It's been raining and Mrs. Robin has been faithfully sitting in her nest with her chicks keeping them nice and cozy, that is, until I disturb them.
She does get feisty when I come to peep in.

She was really giving me "the dickens" this afternoon.
I've been sighting more feathered emigrants, but with the cloudy, dark days and drippy weather, I've not got a good picture off.  I'll try again tomorrow.  I did manage to click a pretty Bleeding Heart just coming into bloom in my flower bed.

I am always amazed that something so beautiful and intricate-looking could live where I do, but it comes faithfully every spring to tell me it is possible.


  1. Thanks fir the report, very sweet! But don't get yourself bombed in the process! LOL I love bleeding hearts pretty! Come say hi :D

  2. So glad the eggs are hatching and mama is still sitting. That bleeding heart is beautiful...

  3. Oh my gose how sweet. I hope you were able to get a pretty hatched egg xoxoxo Clarice

  4. Looky there! So cute! It will be fun to watch them grow. Birds are some of my favorite creatures. And your bleeding heart is such a beautiful pink.

  5. I better go check my nest - it's way back in the woods. Mama robins must all be the same. Mine was gving me "a tuning" as we say round here.

    Love the bleeding heart. I want to plant some on my mother's grave. So pretty!

  6. I wish that I had a nest to check! Thank you for sharing yours. The babes are so sweet, and Momma is being a good Momma. :)

  7. That mama is so slim. Why are my robins so fat? Too many worms?

  8. I'm really enjoying your bird photos, Jody. So cool that you get to observe hatchlings! And a Western Tanager, too! I've seen an Eastern or two this year, and they're pretty dramatic as well. But no Westerns since our trip to Mt. St. Helens are a few years back. Is your home in his migration path, or is he slightly off course?

    And you still have the warblers to go! They're ending here now. Enjoy!

  9. Amazing and beautiful! I can't believe you got such a closeup of the baby robins. Watch the mama and see how busy she will be in the feeding of those babies!
    The pink bleeding heart looks so pretty with the rain drops.
    Great photos!

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. We don't have Robins in this part of the my knowledge. Love the blue eggs.


  11. Oh, won't it be fun to watch these little hatchlings grow?! The bleeding hearts shot is just lovely.

  12. We had a robin build her nest in our barn too this spring and it was wonderful to see the amazing eggs and to be in awe of the newly hatched chicks and then amazed again at how fast they grew and then were off...


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