Friday, May 11, 2007

Old Blue

This is our 1979 Chevy Custom Deluxe. I absolutely LOVE driving this ol' beater around the ranch. I took it out just today with my daughter-in-love to go looking for some prairie flowers out on the gumbo.

This blue wonder was only 3 years old when I first came to the ranch as a young bride. I've lambed sheep in it, hauled bales in it, driven it to town on snowy, gravel roads, and taken kids to the waterhole in it. So many good memories.

There's even a little etching by the window -- two boys' names that I'm well acquainted with. You know, I love it that this is one vehicle you don't have to worry about when you ride in it. You can let the dirty dog ride in front, throw a newborn lamb on the floor, or sit on the seats with wet bathing suits. There's something special about that. Did you notice my handy-dandy window cranks? You oughta here this baby roar!


  1. I HAVE AN OLE BLUE TOO!!!!!!! Mine is an 81 Ranger. I love it to death, but we have to sell it, I am sad. My father-in-law is in poor health and needed to sell his truck, and he is very sentimentally attached to it, so we had to buy it to help him out (and paid way too much for it). Now, we need to sell Ole Blue because we have too many vehicles.

    It looks so fun at your place, out on the ranch! You must love it there. We had a 100 year old barn full of horses, and I miss the smell of it all. Ours was just a hobby farm though, looks like you have the real deal!

    Oh, and what is gumbo, if not southern stew with okra??

  2. I learned to drive in my Daddy's old faithful pick-up (only his was a Ford...sssh)! It was out in the pasture, during haying. I was about 12. I could barely see over the steering wheel, let alone reach the clutch... Thanks for the smile. :-)

  3. Oh Jody,
    You made Jilliana's day! That was just such a cool post and the truck is right up her alley, wrench and all! Great photo and great story! Keep on truckin'!!!

  4. That does it! If I ever make it up your way I simply MUST have a ride in Ole Blue!

    I think I use to own Blue's cosmopolitan cousin...a VW Scirocco with no floor board (we had extra big floor mats so our feet didn't fall through!), rigged window cranks and no muffler. Ya never had to worry about that little bug!

  5. Cool truck but were is the cup holder for my decafe mocha latte with one shoot of orange and real whipped cream ;- )
    xoxoxo Clarice


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