Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blue Jeans Quilt

As a graduation gift to my 3rd born, I made this blue jeans quilt for him. This has now become a family tradition that was set-in-stone upon the first denim quilt I ever made. These are very imperfect creations because they are sewn from old blue jeans that our family accumulates rather quickly on a ranch. My mother-in-law used to call worn-out jeans "turned out to pasture" because they were beyond their usefulness, but I have found that our old Levis -- stripped, cut, trimmed, and resewn into quilts -- have been every bit as loved and as useful as they were when we wore them out to do chores every day. Each quilt has a little piece of each one of us sewn up into it so when our graduate goes out into the world, we go along with him. For inspiration, you may enjoy checking out this site that has lots of great ideas, patterns and tips for sewing blue jeans quilts.


  1. Jody, you are an amazing mom. The quilt is wonderful and I could never have the patients. I think this is a great way to honor graduation. By the way I think mom should get something too. You have had a 24/7 job. I hope you at lest get a giant box of bon-bons ;-)
    Love Clarice

  2. I tried to comment yesterday, but it's lost in cyberspace I see. What I was going to say is...I LOVE IT! Each one has been so unique and's just good ol' denim.

    Another thing I thought you'd find interesting...I was out on a bike ride with the family yesterday and you'll never guess what I saw! ~~ A Gumbo Lily!! I'm sure I've never seen one before (or rather, I never NOTICED them), but there it was. I couldnt help but think of you. :)

  3. How neat! And I'll bet it's heavy and warm too.


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