Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bum Lambs

My kids have always raised bum lambs.

What are bum lambs, you ask?

These are orphan lambs that are bottle-fed. Oftentimes a ewe (female sheep) will die or will not have enough milk to raise her lamb(s) and so the lamb is taken and fed by hand. These are a few of the bum lambs that my son and daughter-in-love are raising this spring. The woolies were born in March and are really getting some bloom on them (healthy growth).


  1. OH, I'm jumping up and down and squealing with delight---YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! I'm so delighted for you and I know I'm going to enjoy reading about your ranching life out on the prairie! Thanks for sharing your link!

    (Oh, and the little lambs are adorable!)


  2. Hi! Fun blog!

    I almost feel like we are neighbors, since you are in MT. I'm pretty urban myself, but I've always wished we could have goats in town.

  3. He hee. I agree with Carla, now that I've just realized who you are ... silly me, even though you signed with your name!!! ;)

    I'm blogrolling you!

  4. Thanks you two! You're such encouragers. And Guess what? It's raining!! All that begging.


  5. I just love their sweet faces!


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