Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nature Hiking

Today my dog Sue and I went for a hike in search of the white swans that Hubby saw on a stock dam a couple of days ago. We didn't find any swans, but we did find some pretty spring flowers along the way.

This is Wild Parsley. It's named for the parsley-like leaf pattern, but if you take a nibble from the stem of this flower, you'll find it tastes much like parsley or celery. It is one of the very first flowers that blooms in spring on the prairie.

This tiny white flower is Prairie Chickweed.

Golden Pea grows to about 12" and is one of my favorites because it is always blooming in full-force around Mother's Day. My Littles used to pick me bouquets of sweet peas for Mother's Day. (And they still do!)
A prairie full of Golden Peas. You just had to be there to get the full effect.
If you click on any of these pictures, you will get a nice, enlarged view of them.


  1. Cool I have not seen any of these flowers before. It looks soo pretty, enjoy it. Clarice

  2. What a pretty dog! And a lucky dog to get to go on such interesting walks!.

  3. Great piX, Miss Jody! What fun to see the unique blossoms in your neck of the woods (or corner of the prairie). It's *almost* like taking a walk alongside you. (Cute doggie too)!

  4. That was a great walk Jody, Thanks


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