Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Dogs!



These are my Good Dogs. Ten year old Jessie is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross. She is mother to Sue who is two years old. This breed of dog is great for those of us who ranch because make excellent herders. They primarily like to herd sheep, but since we also have cattle, they'll gladly jump out of the pick-up to chase a few bulls down a fenceline. These good ol' dogs are also handy with a frisbee or a golf ball. They love to play catch with both and probably catch more throws than we do. And just imagine the coordination it takes to catch one in your mouth! I don't even want to try it!

The girls are at attention because one of the boys is about to throw a golf ball for them to fetch, but this is also The Stance when watching a herd of sheep in the pasture or when staring down a bull who doesn't want to move along. Did you notice that Jessie has just half an ear? She was born in the winter and the owners had the litter of pups under a heat lamp in the barn to keep them warm. Jessie had her ear burned in the process, but she hears just fine (when she chooses to). In her old age, she's more choosy about what she hears.


  1. Oh They are too sweet! Atten-hut! Our labs like the golfballs too!
    I have heard great things about this breed of dog. They are very fast runners! and awfully cute!

  2. Hi Jody, our neighbor has a border collie and it is the sweetest dog! I enjoyed your pictures and post.

    Regarding the colored tea towels. They are colored before stitching with either pencil crayons or coloring (wax) crayons. Once colored, they iron in and the color holds fast. Then they are embroidery stitched as usual. I was so happy today to be able to meet Fay, the designer of the beautiful wildflower prints. She was passing through my town, so we met at the park for an hour to chat. It was really nice.


  3. Pretty girls, but poor Jessie. *sniff*

    I'm do you keep them out of your garden? My lab/rott mix, Daisy just meanders whereever she wants, including on top of my plants and into my flower garden unless I put a fence around the area, but's hard to weed over it, know what I mean?

    Lovin' your blog.

  4. Thank you for stopping in. I love your dogs, I just posted about my three pups today too.

  5. We have a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, too! She's named Daisy Mae and we've had her for 10 years now. We've had many dogs over the years, but Daisy has been the very best breed of dog we've had...she's been great great great with the kids and just a loving family dog. (And she used to try to 'herd' the kids when they were toddling around the yard!) Poor Daisy is getting old now...has arthritis (she had Lyme disease a few years ago) and cannot see or hear well anymore.

    It looks like your dogs are still in the active & spunky stage! They're sure cute!

  6. Oh I forgot to ask you---I noticed that your dogs have their tails! The farmer whom we had purchased our dog from had clipped our dogs tail at our Daisy has no tail! We had thought that perhaps the tails got in the way when they were herding sheep...(but maybe not?)...but I see that your dogs have their tails. Just curious about this...

  7. Hi just visiting via Michelle G., Nice post.
    What a joy to see the pups at task

  8. eXtremely precious doggies!

  9. Hi, came by via Sandie, I didn't know you started a blog...
    Beautiful dogs!


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