Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Raised-Bed Gardens

I've been fighting what we call "creeping jenny" in my very large garden spot and this year I've decided to abandon it and give it a year off to be sprayed and tilled to try to eliminate the weeds. I did plant some potatoes and onions down there and I hope to manage those, but my main focus will be on new raised-bed gardens. My sons built the frames -- 3x10' and I tilled the area where they would set. The extra step of tilling first will be a bonus for drainage and will allow more root room.

We lined each frame with tar paper in hopes that it would repel water away from the boards and therefore preserve the wood a little longer than if we didn't do it. This picture looks down into the frame where I had tilled the soil. I plan to leave grass growing in between the boxes as a walkway.

I filled the boxes with 50-year-old rotted sheep manure, potting soil, and humus. Do you spot the golf bags beyond the raised beds and the bulls too? I plan to fill my gardens with tomatoes, peppers, cukes, carrots, peas and pole beans on the end. Can't wait to get planting!


  1. They really turned out great, Jody! I'm planting many of the same veggies in mine. I wonder, will you plant from seed or buy starts?

  2. Mrs. X,
    I bought starts of tomatoes, peppers, and cabbages and will plant the rest from seed.

  3. These look just like the raised bed frame that we made last year for some strawberries. So far I love it. I always had such a hard time keeping them weed free, but with the raised bed it is so easy!

  4. These look like very fine raised beds. My sister is doing much the same in a new garden she is creating. I've heard that raised bed gardening can be very successful. I'll look forward to watching your garden grow!

  5. Gardening Success to you! Great raised beds! Can't wait to see the green growth! Love the scenery....cattle etc!

  6. They're lookin' good, Jody!


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