Monday, August 20, 2012

Simple Things...

 ~A double-yolk pullet egg!
~Cool nights for sleeping and cool mornings for gardening.
~Painting rocks with Peach & Toodles.
Holding hands with Bee and hearing her "amen" at the end of a prayer.

~ Peeking under the straw of the potato patch, I discovered potatoes!
~Summer veggie skillet dish:  zucchini, peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes sauteed together with Swiss cheese melted over top.
~Working the ewes and moving them out to the hayfield stubble to fatten them up before breeding.
~Going back to my old ways of leaving the clothespins on the clothesline so I don't have to take the pin bag back and forth. The Good ol' Lazy Homemaker is back!  Clothespin bags are cute, but for me, impractical.

~Fresh Colorado peaches are here!  Yum. I'll be making pies and canning some of these beauties tomorrow.
~An afternoon visit with my parents.
~Finished a good, good book, Mrs. Mike.
~Rose embroidery stitching.
~Nighthawks flying overhead in the evening.
~Bats too.


  1. Lots of great simple things. My mouth starting watering when you talked about making pie with those peaches! Yum. Enjoy...

  2. Hi Jody!
    Wow! Those Colorado peaches looks delicious! I must buy some!
    Bats? Yikes! I know they eat insects, but they do give me the shivers.
    I leave my pins on the line, too!

  3. Love pie, especially peach; yours looks delicious.
    I take my clothes pins in because they tend to deteriorate when left on the line. some of my pins were my Grandmothers and want to keep them for as long as possible. yep, for the sentimental reason but also because I can't buy any as good any more.

  4. Simple things are my favorite things...thanks for a lovely peaceful post today...blessings

  5. So wasn't that the saddest book? I loved it but gosh, I just cried and cried.
    Your peaches look wonderful. I like your simple things. My hens have all but stopped laying because of the heat. If we get some cooler days I know they will start laying again. I might even have to break down and buy eggs.
    It looks wonderful.

  6. I saw the Colorado peaches also! The Night Hawks are also my favorite. I love to lay in the grass and watch them fly.

  7. Your "simple things" make me want to weep. Seriously! Just reading about them fills me up. Ahhh...

    And when you speak of Mrs. Mike, do you mean a very old storybook?

  8. I love your list of 'simple things' especially the one about gathering the fruit and veggies.

  9. What a simply lovely post. I'm a simple-things gal too. xx

  10. Oh it is simple things like this that make me happy. Yeah your potatoes grew!!! Clarice

  11. The simple things are the best and most precious. Those peaches look beautiful and I was thinking as I read your post how nice it is to be rewarded in the garden for hard work.

  12. Your peaches are beautiful, and so are your eggs!

    I leave my pins on the line, too. I feel as though I shouldn't, but it just makes life easier when I do.


  13. Simple things are the best! I love your list and that wonderful pile of peaches. I bought some today, too.

  14. Yum! You've made my mouth water - peach pie is my favorite! Congratulations on your anniversary, and may you both enjoy many more happy years together. And I do believe you'd like a clothespin apron - then you'd have nothing to carry and your clothespins would love it, too! Ruth from PA


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