Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cloudy day = Donut day...

 The Littlest Billy Goat's Gruff has returned home today for a weekend visit before he drives away to Tucson to go back to college.  I decided that since it's drizzly, cloudy, and even a wee bit rainy here, it's a perfect day for a Donut Day!
Raised, glazed donuts.

 My donuts aren't traditional.  
They're puffy, long donuts. 
 Easy to cut, easy to turn, easy to eat.  
I wouldn't want to make it difficult you know.

 Afternoon Tea and Donut!

The End.


  1. Yum. It wasn't cloudy here today but it was doughnut day, too. We bought ours...
    It was apple day and we really love the apple corer/peeler!

  2. Ooooh Yummy! Now I'm hungry!!!!

  3. Those look delicious. I have only made the cake kind, covered in cinnamon and sugar.

  4. Oh...they look delicious!! I love that you make it easy and just cut strips:). I bet your son loved it:).


  5. Oh, my goodness! Please send me one! Donuts are happy food, I think!
    I wish youngest Billy Goat the happiest of years in the Land of the Sun. Golfing and reading are happy pursuits!

  6. Yummmmmomomomomom. I just ate one :) Or four!! Wow - those look great. Post the recipe? I need an easier recipe than Martha Stewart's when I do a yeast donut, seriously! Now, there's a name for donuts in that shape, and my mind is drawing a blank on it, but it'll come to me :) Wonderful! And I'm so glad you're having a rainy, overcast day -- I know you have needed more of those.

  7. Those look delicious! Makes me want to pull out my Great Scandinavian Baking Book and hit the kitchen :-)

  8. Could you put a few in a box and mail them to me? They look so delicious I can hardly stand it!


  9. Oh I so have to make these for my family!! Clarice


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