Friday, August 10, 2012

Northern Flicker baby...

 I noticed a few odd holes in the lawn and in the garden path this morning and wondered what critter made them.  I didn't know who the culprit was until this afternoon when I spied this li'l fella drilling with his handy woodpecker beak.  This is a young Northern Flicker (red shafted).  The adult flickers have a nice solid black crest across the breast, but this guy still has his baby speckles.

 Do you like the red mustache?

 I'm thinking about drilling for.... ANTS!

 Drill baby drill!

 Who me?



  1. I've never seen a baby! He is adorable and I DO like his moustache! I have been enjoying the birds (and Agatha the rabbit) SO much this summer. I will miss their morning dance when I go back to school.

  2. So sweet. We have one that has frequented our front lawn to dig!

  3. Swoon! I wish he would come visit us.


  4. What a cutie! I love those spots. Is it possible to run out of ants? I'm thinking probably not. :)

  5. I am amazed by your pictures! And thrilled that I could vicariously experience your wonderful visitor.

  6. Love your photos! I love these Flickers. We don't seem to see them around here until it's getting closer to Autumn. How lucky to find a baby!

  7. Ants!! Isn't that interesting? He's a cool-looking bird. I've never seen one before. We had a pecan tree in our yard once that looked horrible -- all bumpy, with lines of holes all the way up the trunk. A book told me that it was only a woodpecker, drilling shallow holes that don't harm the tree, but catch bugs in them for him to eat later. Isn't that interesting? Birds!

  8. Beauty! Thanks so much for sharing the pix!



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