Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sinatra & Strawberry Jam

On the way home from church, my daughter-in-love and I stopped at the grocery store for a few things before heading home and found strawberries for $1 a pound, so I said, "Let's make jam!" She said yes, so we did it this afternoon.
She had never made jam so I went to her house to show her how. She was playing Mr. Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, on the stereo while we cooked up her berries into jam. I went home and clicked on my Sinatra CD
while I stirred my pot o' strawberries too.
I wonder if we'll always have Sinatra & Strawberry Jam from here on out?
It goes well together, don't you think?
Oh this stuff is delish! And so easy!
The recipe I have been using is from Isabella in the 21st Century.
You really ought to give it a try.
"Clink" there goes another seal!


  1. Well after freezing 70 pounds of strawberries I have been wondering if I should make jam {-)Yours looks yummy. Love the song by the way, Great idea !!! xoxoxo Clarice

  2. I brought home a Sinatra CD from the library last younger kids all though it was soo funny! (But I liked it!)

    The jam looks delish! How lucky you are to have a daughter-in-law to share these homemaking adventures with!

  3. Sinatra and jam making sounds like a very happy combination. I'm very glad you like the recipe!

  4. 2 of my favorite things! Frank is great to listen to no matter what you are doing, isn't he?

  5. It's looking like summer in all the best ways around your place Jody!
    Sinatra and Strawberry Jam is a fun idea for labels. I like the idea of making a label that shares the memory of time shared with your daughter in law. Wouldn't that make a nice gift for a family member or close friend? It'd be sort of neat to include the music too!
    I love the way your teatowel turned out! The rick rack was a great addition!

  6. Clarice, you should make some of THIS jam. It's better than straight strawberries! (It is!)

    Carla, I am blessed to have DIL right next door. It's fun!

    Isabella, Sinatra and strawberry jam IS a fine combination!

    Karla, yes, Sinatra is good anytime!

    Mrs. Staggs, your idea for a Sinatra and Strawberry Jam is fantastic! How DO you think of everything! My trouble is this.....will the jam still be here for gift giving?

    Thanks for your fun comments everybody!

  7. Oh Jody, you are inspirational!! Three of us were sitting at the table eating lunchtoday when we began discussing jams. Naturally your post on jam was mentioned and suddenly we all decided that there was no reason in the world not to make some of our own. Tomarrow, out California strawberries better look out....!

  8. What a great idea to make some jam.
    nice post.

  9. You're so lucky Beauty, that you have all those CA strawberries to choose from. Happy jamming!

  10. Looks yummy!.
    I shall have a go and make some thank you Jody,,,

  11. We're making strawberry jam here on the Island too. The smell of strawberries and sugar bubbling on the stove is the ultimate summer aroma

  12. I agree that there's just nothing like the smell of jam bubbling on the stove! Thanks for stopping by.


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