Monday, July 02, 2007

Chic Chicks

Granary(left) and Coop (right)

We began here and now, the job is finished at last!
My daughter-in-love and I power-washed, primed and painted this old granary and chicken coop these past few weeks, trying to do most of our work in the mornings to dodge the 90-degree-plus heat of the day. We used barn-red and white to add a little country charm to our premises. Today I finished up by caulking, shining windows, and adding the screens to the coop. I also set a fogger inside (chicks outside) to try to get rid of some of the July Flies that seem to be thick out there. I think we turned our ordinary chickens into "chic chicks" since giving them a snazzy new place to roost.
I'm thinking of stenciling
"Fresh Eggs"
on the door.

This is the chicken coop, as you can see a few of the biddies are going in-and-out the door.


  1. Oh very chic, love it. I think stenciling the door is a great idea. Stay cool xoxoxo Clarice

  2. Wow great job. Looks like a whole new property!

  3. That's the poshest chicken coop I've ever seen. I bet your ladies love it!

  4. Perseverance Pays Off!
    Great job girls!
    Love the red colour and now your tire swing stands out as idealistic/picture-perfect!
    Love it!
    Are you going to plant any flowers/vines/window boxes along the side yet Jody or wait until next year if you do. Looks great!
    Proud of you both!

  5. What a coop! Those chickens need a floral print curtain on that big window! And a flower box under it. And a cute old metal lawn chair in front. Then you need to kick out the chickens and use it for your own play house!! So cute

  6. Good job! It really looks terrific, Jody. I like your stencil idea too.

  7. It looks great Jody, and I love the Fresh Eggs idea for the door! My hens would certainly be jealous if they knew :)

  8. I like it. Especially the red. I am righting a story but it is taking so long to write. It is a medieval story with a princess, a knight and a dragon. I am on chapter 3, but each chapter is a page long. Oh well . =] Auberne'

  9. It makes me want to be a 'chook' fancy having such a beautiful home. May you be blessed with many eggs! LOL


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