Saturday, July 28, 2007

Giovanna Garzoni

I love art. I enjoy stumbling upon a "new-to-me" artist and setting the art on my desktop. Though I'm just a simple homemaker, I take joy in spending a little time appreciating art and learning about artists. If I had quite a lot of extra to spend, I would buy art. I share this artist with you now. This piece is called "Plate of Figs" by an Italian artist, Giovanna Garzoni. She lived from 1600-1670 and was one of the first women artists to practice still life. I stumbled upon her art over at Artcyclopedia where they are featuring Women in Art. Fruits, flowers, birds, and insects became her specialty and since I'm a nature lover, it would be natural for me to fall in love with Giovanna's art. I found the largest selection of her art at and now I really want to splurge and purchase a couple prints for my kitchen and dining room.

Piatto Di Baccelli by Giovanna Garzoni

How do you like this one? It's called "Piatto di Bacelli." I don't speak Italian so I cannot interpret, but you know what this is. Can't you just taste these sweet fruits?

I really like this one with the bird pecking at the fruit. What kind of fruit is this; do you know? Is it another fig? I found this print at Ciudad de la Pintura. I no speak-a Espaniol so.......
Here's one more website I found with a variety of Garzoni's images -- Scientific Illustrator.Com.


  1. Hi, I think the top fig is a Russian black fig and the bottom my be a mission fig.
    I love that you enjoy art. I wonder at all the different interpretations. Art is seeing through another's eyes and seeing what they desire to express.
    It is a good thing to hear and to listen with our eye.

  2. I really love this artist, although I love anything with figs. I am surprised she is from the 1600. Her art seems fairly modern to me. Love Clarice

  3. Beautiful paintings. I agree that the third one is a fig but I don't know what type.

  4. Ciudad de la Pintura means City of the Painter.

  5. Jody, I'm not sure which I like better-the music or the art! It is all beautiful! The gorgeous still lifes are by one of my favorite ar-teests (spoken with a French accent). Thanks! Abby

  6. I do think the yellowy fruit is a fig -- look at the leaf. It's much like the first picture's leaf. I don't know my figs.

    I love the bowls she paints too.
    Thanks for stopping in everyone!


  7. Those paintings are beautiful!!! I must share my favorite artist (since she's my aunt) :) you can check out her blog at:

  8. Oh I love the figs, and yes, I agree with the others I think both bowls are figs. My mum lives in Spain and I have seen the different types of fig over there but I don't know what they call them.

  9. Oh,'re in my HEAD again! I was cruising around there and just fell in LOVE with the cherry painting. *sigh* It would be fabulous in your home too, of course. :-)

    You know I thought that bottom painting was of pomegranates. See the seedy insides? Is't that what pomegranates look like?'s a mystery. :-)

    Love the music too!

  10. Oh, the figs.......
    I tasted fresh figs for the first time in Italy this summer :-)

  11. Heather, I really liked your aunt's art too. And she homeschooled!

    There is a pomagranite picture on the Scientific Illustrator link. It's different than these figs.

    Britt-Arnhild, lucky you to have fresh figs!



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