Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Of Dragonflies and Porch Swings

Just glancing out my kitchen-sink window one evening, I saw this pair of dragonflies perched on the chain of my porch swing. They were huge! I measured the links at 1" each so these dragons were approximately 2 1/2" long! From my field guide, it appears that they could be the Small Western Gomphid. (how does a dragonfly this large get the name small?) The dragonflies are thick here since we've had a wet spring and the mosquitoes make abundant victuals for them. I love seeing them perched on my clothesline too. One day I wanted to hang a towel right where a dragonfly was perched so I set my finger out to him and he sat there on my finger while I tried to move him. He chose to go back to the line and remain in the same spot. I moved him again, and once again until he finally chose to move. It seems to me that dragonflies are very much like pets in this way.


  1. They are so peaceful aren't they. I love that he let on your finger. He liked you and chose to stay. It is good to have friends who eat up those bad ole' mosquitoes.

  2. I love dragonflies. I am sure them and butterfies are relly faires.
    xoxoxo Clarice

  3. Neat picture! We, too, have lots of dragonflies swirling around in the evenings...eating the mosquitoes!

  4. Clarice, I think that dragonflies and butterflies and bees are all garden fairies.

    Carla, just this year the dragonflies are back. We had very few these past years of drought. Funny how that works isn't it?


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