Sunday, July 01, 2007


A friend of mine, Joyce, always sends me letters sleeved in the prettiest envelopes. She makes them by using up old calendar and magazine pages. I have taken some of her envelopes apart and then trace around them onto brown paper sack. I use these as templates to trace over the pictures I like.

A few tips......

* Use heavy pages. If they aren't sturdy pages, put an extra piece of paper or cardstock on the backside of the traced envelope for additional durability. One time I received an envelope that was almost shredded due to the light weight of the paper. Also, if you are using your old written-on calendar pages, you may not want the recipient to see your appointments in the blocks so a liner works well for that.

*Use a ruler to make a nice, crisp fold by sliding it along the fold line.

* Use a good glue stick to glue down edges or you can use double-stick tape.

* Use stickers to seal envelope flaps and use labels to write the address on. If the envelope is too busy and will be difficult to see the address clearly, the postmaster may not deliver it.

* Check to see if you might need additional postage, especially if you are lining your envelopes.

* It's fun to sit for an hour or so and make a few envelopes at a time so that you have a nice assortment to choose from when it's time to write a letter.

* You can use any envelope as a template. Just gently take one apart and trace.


  1. Great idea, I once attended a class on paper crafts. Bags can also be made using old scraps of wallpaper.
    I have my patterns still. One pattern used heaver paper to make little gift boxes, one was for money envelopes for gifts.

  2. I have been wanting to make these. yours are sooo beautiful
    xoxoxo Clarice

  3. Very pretty! I made a pocket (very similiar idea to your envelopes) earlier today for the journal I am working on.

  4. These are so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and instructions. I am going to have give this a try. A friend once made me (and then gave me instructions) for making small boxes with lids from pages of a magazine. I am enjoying reading your blog so much and visit daily :)

  5. I'm glad you're all inspired by these envelopes. They really are fun to use in so many ways.

    I like the pocket idea for your journal Leslie.

    Barb, welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog.


  6. I have enjoyed viewing your blog lately. I'm so glad you posted this about the calendar pages for envelops. I made three yesterday and can't wait to send them out.


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