Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Little Sunday Embroidery

The completed tea towel "A Good Cook" was done by first coloring some parts with colored pencil and then pressing with a hot iron to set the color. After that I embroidered the outlines. You can find the pattern for her here at Needlecrafter along with lots and lots of free vintage style embroidery patterns.

The second piece in progress is a cute little redwork teapot. I first saw it over at Homespun Living where Deb gave the link to the pattern. There are a few teapots there if you're especially fond of them. They'd make a cute set.

I enjoy a little time with needle and thread on quiet Sunday afternoons. My hubby's great grandmother, who lived to be 103 years old, always embroidered on weekdays, but set it aside on Sundays to rest. It was on her Sundays that she chose, instead, to write letters. What is restful to you?


  1. Knitting is restful to me. I love knitting...oh and baking. I never find baking a chore. Thank you for the link to the free redwork patterns!

  2. I had no idea you could do that with colored pencil! so cute

  3. Did you add the ruffle, charming. xoxoxo Clarice-who got lavender ice cream in Sequim yesterday !!!!

  4. I've always wanted to try that technique with crayons and your post has reminded me. Embroidery is one of my favorite things and I find it restful. I rarely take time to do it though. I do like to sew by hand. Gardening is restful for me and reading. I'm a daydreamer, and sit and stare at a vase of flowers or out the window and feel like I've vacationed a million miles away. You and Debbie have inspired me with your teapots! Thanks Jody!

  5. I enjoy making jewelery and beading. I love to play with beads and findings. The semi precious stones just send me into prayerful wonder. How many amazing stones there are around us to discover. Sorta like people once they are all polished up we can see the beauty thats there all along.

  6. Yes, I added the ruffle and I'm thinking of adding red rick-rack to the redwork teapot edge.

  7. Isabella, isn't it interesting that each of us considers something restful that another woman might consider "work?"

    Karla, yes, you can do this with colored pencil or crayon.

    Mrs. Staggs, gardening can be restful to me too. Not the pulling-weeds stuff, but the pottering about, watering, dead-heading and such.

    Donetta, interesting that you enjoy finding the gems and stones around you. That's neat!

  8. Pretty embroidery! I love the red! I've embroidered the same teapot pattern acouple times. I posted one of them on my blog awhile back. Did you see it?

    :) LaTeaDah

  9. LaTeaDah, Yes, I do remember seeing your redwork a while ago. It was very pretty. Thanks for visiting!


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