Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tasha Tudor, the quiet life....

  Today is Tasha Tudor's birthday.  Born August 28, 1915 was a beloved American illustrator who lived a simple, full life to the ripe old age of 93.  Her first story was Pumpkin Moonshine, published in 1938, but my favorite Tasha books are 1 is One, a child's counting book, and A Time To Keep which tells about the changing seasons.  Her books are the kind that I plan to read aloud to the grandchildren and give for special birthdays and holidays.  (It's almost time to order some Pumpkin Moonshine)

 Tasha was not only a writer/illustrator, but she was a homemaker in every sense of the word.  She loved handcrafts like weaving, knitting, candle dipping and doll making.  She also enjoyed keeping goats and chickens and made cheese from her own goats' milk and cooked delicious, wholesome foods from her eggs and from fruits and vegetables that grew on her land.  Every season had its pleasures and its work to be done, and home was the core of Tasha's life's work. 
Working in the garden in autumn is delightful, with the clean smell of frost-bitten ferns and witch hazel in the air and no insects to bother about.  There are always great numbers of bulbs to be put in the ground -- over two thousand this fall, counting the lilies.  The other day I heard the first Canada geese go over as I was planting.  Their calls give me such a primordial feeling.  And to see a flock of snow geese flying over the white birch trees by the mailbox on a fair day is a sight to take the breath away.   ~Tasha Tudor from The Private World of Tasha Tudor
 It is precisely a comment like this that makes me appreciate her.  Perhaps it's because I live on the land, live in the country, and because I see so much beauty in my own surroundings.  I won't be planting two thousand bulbs this fall, but I will put a few in the ground.  I won't be spinning wool this winter, but I'll be feeding my sheep.  I probably won't be illustrating a children's book, but I'll be drawing little crayon sketches with my grandchildren.  I appreciate what I call Tasha's "quiet life." Not glamorous, not overdone, but instead -- quiet, simple, beautiful.

Tasha Tudor, you've always inspired me.  Happy Birthday!

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Tasha Tudor & Family


  1. Lovely post. :) xxx

  2. You just inspired me to request her books from the library - love Tasha Tudor!

  3. Happy Tasha Tudor day. I think we each have a little differnt version of Tasha in us xoxo Clarice

  4. "Happy Birthday Tasha"

  5. We need those voices to remind us of the simple things that give so much pleasure. She was a artist in every sense of the word and through her life and words she inspires to give back to this world.
    I love your words too. Every bit as powerful.

  6. Well, now that I am reminded of Tasha's birthday, I'm glad I ordered her garden book today! I've been fascinated by the life she led for the longest time. I think I need Pumpkin Moonshine, don't you?
    Do you know about Ruth Stout? Check her out on YouTube. She is a unique gardener and (if she is still alive) in her nineties!
    Great post, Jody-friend!

  7. Quite the inspiration indeed...I too am a big fan of everything Tasha Tudor. Happy Birthday to her in heaven :) Blessings

  8. Happy Tasha Tudor Day! I am searching for other posts on Tasha during this special time of year. I too love her quietness of life. It is a precious gift that she shared with us all.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. Thanks for your annual reminder of Tasha Tudor's birthday. I too believe I shall put a few of her books on hold at the library and enjoy her here at the season's change.


  10. Wasn't she an inspiration? My DD did a little research about TT a while back and told me that she had had a rather stressful life early on and seemed to choose to retreat to her 'quiet life' as an escape from the chaos of the 'modern world'. Thought that was interesting -- kind of like the back to earth movement of the 60's - only with better results and carried out with more common sense, I think ;).
    I felt a little of that quiet life when I was in Maggie Valley, NC over the last couple of weeks -- as if in some ways, it was a small pocket of the world that still moved slowly and quietly -- loved it!

  11. You summed her up so well. What a beautiful lady.

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. I didn't really know much about her until just now...she sounds pretty amazing, thanks for sharing! :)

  13. OH Happy birthday to Tasha! I LOVE her illustrations too! What an amazing artist, crafter, and gardener she was. Yes, I agree that quiet, simple and beautiful describe her well. My sister collects her illustrated books. I have a couple here.


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