Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Bakery....

My fondest memories of The Tri-State Bakery were when I was a little girl.  Every Valentine's Day I remember getting to walk to the bakery to buy an iced, heart-shaped sugar cookie with a red hot in the middle.  I remember nibbling around the sweet edges of the cookie until I got to the center and then cane tge cinnamon hotness of the red hot candy.  To this day, I make my own version of the iced sugar cookie, complete with red hot candies at home.  There were many, many other goodies that could be bought for a nickle or a dime from The Bakery. Their cinnamon rolls were out of this world!

With the arrival of grocery store bakeries, the need for a store that only served up baked goods became obsolete, and so The Tri-State Bakery closed its doors.  The charming building was all that remained until the townsfolk and countryfolk started to spy life there once again.  Annie and her husband bought it and turned it into their home and then turned it into a turn-key business in our small town.  Toady there's a new twist on The Bakery -- delicious fabrics!

A visit to The Bakery is always a yummy treat!  And as always, today's  visit was no exception.  Pom Pom asked me a few days ago if I might take some pictures of The Bakery and I thought, yes, it would be a fun bloggy post to do.  Only Daughter, and her daughter, Cupcake and I stopped in after we scored a sweet, old-timey chair at a garage sale.  It just begged for a new seat cover.  I had it in my mind that it should be a bright, cheery, laminated fabric, and I knew Annie at The Bakery would have just what I wanted.  And she did.  So come on in and see what's cookin'.

As you walk through the door, you'll see the display case where lots and lots of baked goodies once were shelved.  Now you'll find delicious goodies-by-the-yard!
After you walk through the front part of the store, you'll come to the back where all the cutting and rolling-out and measuring of the ingredients takes place.  Here's Paula (Annie's co-partner who runs the Bluestem Studios which joins The Bakery)  They help each other, and these two creative ladies make a great team.  Paula is cutting a laminated print for my new-old kitchen chair seat cover.  Bright and cheery, just like I wanted!

One of the old ovens is baking up some goodies for Halloween!

Here's where the children like to play.  There are some nice toys for them to play with or they can be mesmerized by the fishes swimming in the aquarium.

Way in the back by the ironing board, I spied an old, vintage quilt that I just love!
Here are all Bakery Trimmings where you can add some "sprinkles" to your sewing.

Now we move over to The Blue Stem Studio where Paula collects wonderful vintage pieces and antiques.  She also has some fabrics that have spilled over to her side.  Paula loves to sew handbags and aprons which she sells in her shop, and she also sells many locally-made goodies.

Uh oh, it's time for me to go.  Only Daughter and Cuppycake have come looking for me!  I hope you enjoyed a *taste* of The Bakery today!  If you want to know the latest, check out The Bakery Fabrics on Facebook.


  1. Oh my goosh, I LOVE it !!!! Thank you for sharing xoxo Clarice

  2. Oh, you lucky girl -- it looks like a wonderful quilt shop!

  3. Yum yum! Hope to see the seat soon!

  4. What a beautiful old store! They've done amazing things there. Seeing all the old ovens and machinery makes me wish it were a real bakery again (yum yum!!!), but fabrics are lovely too.

  5. That looks like a place I could wander and get lost many times while filling up my shopping bag!

  6. What a great shop to get lost in!!

  7. Oh, it's even cooler than it sounded! Doesn't it make you want to open a fabric shop? I love how she has the bolts displayed and it's so heartwarming how The Bakery came back to life! Thank you, Jody! Oh! I LOVE your chair fabric!

  8. What a wonderful place! Wish I had a shop such as this to go for fabric;I have to order online. So fun to see the bolts displayed the way they are. Thanks for the tour!

  9. What a lovely place! I wouldn't know what to look at first! :)

  10. What a wonderful place! I would spend lots of time there I am sure.


    Can't wait to see the chair.
    Hint hint

  11. The Bakery Store is clearly the best store ever. I want to go!


  12. * wiping the drool from my chin *
    What a place! Love it!

  13. Simply delicious! I think I would 'get fat' with the bakery nearby! :) What a fun place to play...

    Blessings, Debbie


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