Thursday, August 18, 2011


The last of the Five Lil Chicks has flown the coop.  And fly he did!  He didn't stay close to home like the girl chickie did.  He didn't just drive to the local university like the fourth chick did.  He didn't fly 2 hours away like the 3rd chick did.  He didn't even fly 500 miles away like the first chick did (oh, was that one hard on Mother Hen).  No.  The 5th chick to fly the nest chose to fly 1355 miles away from home to Tucson.  It was a little bit hard sending him off from the airport today, knowing that he would be totally on his own in the big cities of Phoenix and Tucson, but we had every confidence in him.  And he did just great.  A friend of a friend got his *new* 1997 Acura to him after he landed at the airport and Mr. J. just drove himself down to Tucson like a city slicker.  No problem-o.

A friend of mine thinks he's a very wise young man -- choosing to shovel sunshine rather than snow this winter.  We plan to visit him sometime this winter to help him with shoveling sunshine and take in a golf tourney, but until then, he will be busy figuring out college life and roommate life in an apartment and city life all on his own.  We hope to see him for Christmas where he might be able to shovel some snow.  That seems like a long time away at the moment, but we all know how quickly the months go flying by.

When people ask what J's going to school to study, I say, "Golf.  And he's taking some classes too."  Which is the whole truth.  He is truly looking forward to his classes, but he's especially looking forward to improving his golf game and seeing where it might take him.

At the grocery store today the empty-nesting began.  I was stumped by how many bananas to buy. I bought just a few slices of deli meat instead of buying by the pound.  I bought a small wedge of cheese instead of the industrial size.  I bought a gallon of milk, like I always do, and when I got home I realized that I already had a full gallon in the fridge.  Will we ever drink up that much milk by the due date?  We'll have chocolate milk tonight for snacks!  The grocery shopping will take some getting used to.

So, now that Hubs and I are home by ourselves, we started our empty-nesting by eating whatever we wanted to eat for supper.  No proper meal, no veggies.  Just cheese and crackers and apple slices for me and a sandwich and apples for him.  No dishes.  But I know it will be difficult setting only two plates and two cups and two forks and knives at the table in the coming days.   J did leave behind a few remembrances for us.....dirty shorts and T-shirts and some dirty socks on his bedroom floor.  Soon I will take to cleaning his room from top to bottom. The funny thing is, when I walked into his room, I could still smell him. It was like he never left home.  (teardrop)

I feel really blessed.  All our chicks are out "doing their things" and they are happy chicks, smart chicks, and chicks who have much yet to experience and to learn.  I'm proud of them and I know that this is what we raised them for.  To fly!

Speaking of chicks and nests and all that......Did you notice the egg picture at the top?  I have had one dark brown pullet egg laid for the past three days in a row.  It's always exciting when the young girls begin to lay.  Yay!


  1. God bless you both -- you did good!

  2. Happy and sad all at the same time. Proud that you chicks can fly, but still it is all a new place. Have fun eating what you want to eat when you want to eat it.
    You have accomplished much. Blessings to you both.

  3. Seems to me that you've done your job well. :-) My first little chickie leaves the nest on Thursday. She is moving a whole 3 miles down the road to the University of Montana. But's not HOW far she's going. It's that she's going. Hard on mommy, no? She is ready. When I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I am excited for her to start down this new road. Such an exciting time for her.

  4. Well done Mama. I have one more year before the nest is empty (gulp). You've done a fine job and we Mums/Moms are still very much needed. Big hugs, xxxx

  5. Oh, now I have teardrops, too. I shall pray for your chick. I shall pray for his mama and papa, too.

  6. I know just how you feel, Jody, except I've only sent off 2, and still have 2 at home. The sudden decrease in groceries, esp. when we send off boys, is a shock, isn't it? I bet he does great. You've entered a new time of life with hubby -- I hope you find it restful, invigorating, and joyful. We do train them to leave, but it still hurts. That's love.

  7. Oh gosh, you made me cry Ms. Gumdrop. I think I was in a state of denial when we became empty nesters -- it seems to bother me more as the years go by and many days I wish we could have all those years back again. You have those little granddaughters to keep you busy though -- and keeping busy seems to be the key.

    Congratulations on a Job Well Done!!!

  8. I tell you I can relate. Even though I still have a 12 year old at home it is hard. DD fly's out the 31st and then it is just us three again till December. Grocery shopping and cooking are hard! I have cooked for so many for so long that it is a challenge to cook for three so that we don't have leftovers for a week!

    Blessings to you friend.

  9. You have obviously done such a wonderful job of raising and educating such competent, independent people, Jody. I hope my homeschooled children are half as capable.
    I hope the bittersweet of his leaving eventually dissolves and the the simple sweetness remains of less obligations and more time for your own creative projects.

    Congratuations to you and your hubby-
    Angie in WA

  10. It feels like years and years until my chicks fly the nest, but really it's not long at all. I hope they will have the skills and smarts to fly thousands of miles and get settled in a big city. Job well done, Miss J!


  11.'s good to see those chicks fly but still a difficult transition...for a while. We flew the coop for our first experience of a totally empty nest and then came back to a chick still in the nest. It will be hard to see her fly across the country to North Carolina soon...
    It's great that you have another good excuse to fly and visit the sunshine in winter! Enjoy...

  12. The last one of my brood left about a month ago to stay with his older brother 600 miles away then in November he is leaving for Basic Training for the Marines....I too am an empty nester but,I have grands in and out :) Tis surly the start of a different season in our lives....Blessings on your young man and his successes.

  13. I didn't realize you have to shovel sunshine too! I'll be thinking of your son in Tuscon and his sun shovel when I'm throwing the white stuff this winter... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Awe Jody, you have raised some pretty great chicks and I know this last one will flourish in his new home away from home. You made me laugh with your talk of city slickers. Which do you think is hardest...when the first chick leaves, when the last chick leaves or was it when the girl chick left? Even though I have two in college they have not left yet so I have yet to experience that.

  15. Jody, this is sweet and touching! I know how this goes. . .

    You and your husband have been wonderful parents and have raised wonderful kids. You must be so proud of them. I pray the two of you will have wonderful days together. :-)

    Praying many blessings upon you all!
    Susan (you know, Susan L. . . :-) )

  16. Sniff-sniff... Yes, that's what we raise them for but letting the first and last ones go must be the hardest. I only have one gone and the rest at home; I often think of how hard it will be to have an empty nest. You did good, though! That's our job!

  17. What an exciting and bittersweet time. Knowing you, you will make the most of it (you have to make the pub cheese!!) and those grandbabies will keep you busy xoxo Clarice

  18. I know I am looking forward to it. With an 18 and 16 yr old at home it won't be long. Enjoy this bittersweet time!! At least you have the little ones coming over often.


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