Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wren Bay, a book review...

A long-time blogger friend of mine, Clarice Fox-Hughes from Storybook Woods has written her first self-published novel, Wren Bay The Story of Making a HomeWren Bay, is a reflection of Clarice herself.  She loves homemaking, fashion, creating something lovely out of everyday items, she is resourceful, she homeschools her two daughters in Charlotte Mason style and the lady cooks the most amazing foods, many which are French inspired and several are her original recipes.  Clarice used to be a caterer so she has a special love and appreciation for good food and its presentation which the book mirrors perfectly.

Wren Bay is s a newly married, Boston socialite who is learning how to find her special niche in her new home, Bay Farm, her husband's estate.  Wren is intent on using this time of separation from her husband Devlin, who has gone to war, to focus on making their house a home and a refuge for the both of them.  Wren was taught early the joy of cooking with perfect ingredients from her Madame Mimi,  and she inherited  a creative bent from her eccentric Aunt Sophia.  As the days go by, Wren counts her blessings in a journal that records her thoughts and hopes and dreams.  The story is dreamy, inspiring, and heartfelt, and you'll find a bevy of recipes to try. I can hardly wait to cook up an Onion Tart, some Jam Hand Pies or Gateau Noix au Chocolat.  I'll baked Auberne's Chocolate Mayo Cake and it was so rich, moist and delish!  Find the recipe here at the blog!

 Thank you, Clarice for a lovely story.  You can find Wren Bay at The Storybook Woods Store.  And you might enjoy visiting with Clarice at her blog, Storybook Woods.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful story. Thanks for the review!


  2. Good day Jody, thank you so much for the Wren review. I know you know how much of my heart I put into this book. I am also over-the-moon it has inspired you to cook, we all need that ;-)
    thank you xoxoox Clarice

  3. What a beautiful title and cover! I would like to read it!


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