Friday, April 29, 2011

All kinds of weather....

It's been a real mishmash of weather this past week.  One day it rains and rains and for a moment, the sun peeps through the clouds and brings a rainbow.  This bow was brilliantly bright when I first sighted it, but as soon as I went in the house to fetch my camera, it was fading into the gray sky.  How do you like this old truck?  It's a 1972 Chevy Cattle truck.  We used to haul livestock in it.  Now it is replaced by the horse trailer you see next to it, but the truck still hauls gravel and hay bales for us.

Yesterday we had a lovely, clear day.  It was fairly warm by our standards this month -- it might have reached 60* at one point.  Hazel Peach came over for her Grammie Camp Day and helped me mow and dig in the dirt.  Mary Toodles stayed home with her mommy since she is still a breastfed baby and can't be very long without her nourishment.  First we picked up sticks and twigs from the yard and then we I mowed down the entire yard very short which helped to suck up the majority of the deer poop left behind on the lawn this winter.  To quote HP, "Now it's clean and fresh."  Yes, as fresh and clean as a country yard can be.  After the mowing and an afternoon nap, we went back outdoors to dig dandelions and grass from the flower beds.  I brought up plenty of worms per shovelful and HP hesitantly received some of the worms in her garden trowel to "play with" in another pile of dirt.  I really didn't think she'd consider playing with them, but in no time at all, she made quite a Real Pretend out of those little worm friends.  

We did get to go visit the Peeps in between our work, and it is always an excitement and a joy for little hands to hold fuzzy, peeping, live balls of fluff.  HP's daddy came in to see the peeps too, and she cautioned him to be careful and not hold them too tight.  He obeyed, of course.

This morning we awoke to another shower of rain and then a snowy blizzard-sort-of-thing continued all day long.  Thankfully, the ground is fairly warm and when it finally stopped, the snow began to melt on the grass.  The gravel roads have become very smooshy and gooshy and my walks to the chicken coop and to the bum lambs have been very slippery.  "I feel the earth move under my feet!"  The moisture, coming as it is, is so good for our land and it soaks right in.  Do you see the duck pair in the snowy picture above?  There are a few pairs that meander up to our small pond near the house.  I love to watch them.

This was my snowy view from the front porch today.  Looks quite wintry, doesn't it?  It's spring snow -- the wettest, most beneficial kind of snow there is.  It sounds like we'll be having more of the same kind of weather -- wet and chilly -- all weekend, so I plan to bake and cook and sew.  I've already sewed up another 8 diapers for Betsy Cupcake's stash today.  I think I'm up over two dozen diapers now, but I'm still chugging away at that pile of cut-outs.  I also sewed some cute, eared hats for my grandgirls today as a little diversion from the diaper pile.  It's still a bit too chilly for Littles to be outdoors without something warm on their heads, but it'll be sunbonnet season before we know it -- won't it?

Wishing you a happy weekend, no matter the weather.
Prayers for those in Alabama and all the south that have had such violent weather these days.


  1. I love the nicknames you give your little sweethearts!

  2. HP holding the peep = adorable!
    The diapers will be so appreciated. You're smart to take a break and make some bat hats, too!
    Oh, snow. We have it today, too. Bill's coming home from Kenya today and he won't like this chilly weather, but I guess it's better than sleeping under mosquito nets.
    Happy sewing over the weekend!

  3. You are enjoying some busy days. The snow is so foreign to me, but I am really glad it is of the beneficial sort. Parts of Texas sure could use some sort of moisture. I enjoyed visiting with you this morning. =)

  4. Love the instructions HP gave her daddy...too sweet! Weather! It really has been the news hasn't it? sheesh. We will experience some Spring before Summer comes won't we?
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    I am praying for people that were in the path of the tornadoes...

  5. Akk, snow. It is spring, it cannot snow. Sun has to come out now and warm things up xoxo Clarice

  6. Our weather has been odd and uneven, too, though thankfully no snow! Though I suppose snow is better than tornadoes. Fortunately, our neighborhood has been tornado-free so far.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!


  7. Hazel Peach and Mary Tootles sound to be simply too precious. That child and chick picture is too adorable. These in between the seasons seasons are so strange. We were up in the mtns and got a handful of snowflakes, which made time in the hot tub extra relaxing!


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