Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simple Things....

My dad made the wooden tulips in his workshop.
I found the cute tin watering can, 
added Easter grass and the wooden eggs Dad made.
I like my Easter basket.
 Hazel Peach let me put braids in her hair.
I love golden braids  (or brown braids).

I made a canning jar soap dispenser.
You can too if you follow the directions here.
 These are the two bum calvies I feed each day.
See how much slobber they can make from sucking their bottles?
It gets all over my pants.

 I found a nest of five kittens in the hay rack.
Now I am watching for bird nests.  Have you found any?

The frogs are croaking and singing in the creek below our house.

Waking up to the meadowlarks and robins singing is pure bliss!

The recent snow is melted and today --

I'm almost done with the wedding bouquet cuff 
and am started on some fun embroidered stuffies for my Littles.

Waiting on lil Cupcake to arrive.
She is due on Easter Sunday!  
I wonder what they will name her?  Can you guess?


  1. Oh how sweet a wee one due on Easter!
    I love little Hazel Peach's braids!

  2. Oh, those little kittens are so lovely! I have not seen a nest yet, but I put some colored yarn, cut in small pieces, out on the grass for the robins. I can tell they are working on their nests.
    Let's see . . . names. How about Lucy Jane? Betsy Lynn? Rosemary Edith? I can't wait to see that sweet little Easter cupcake.

  3. Ah, love those sweet tulips and little HP's braids. She is getting big, isn't she? She is looking so "big girl."

    Happy Easter!

  4. I'm also feeding a calf and it isn't much fun to be hit from behind with that wet mouth! My mother was born on Easter in 1914 and she was named Easter Lily. Her birthday only came on Easter Sunday three times in her life including the day she was born.

  5. Ah-this whole post is so cheerful--it just warms my heart. I love every little thing about it...

    I think the icing on the cupcake is that a sweet babe might arrive on Easter Sunday. What a blessing. Such excitement for your family!

  6. OhMyGosh - I can hardly wait to see the cute pictures of HP and all those little kitties! Love your pictures Jody -- especially the slobbering orphans and that adorable little braided beauty!

  7. What a beautiful post! So full of Easter and Spring blessings! :) Big hugs to you Jody, xxxx

  8. You're all so nice. Thank you for your comments.

    Pom Pom, I hope you find a nest with your colorful yarns woven in.

    Wayside, Yes, HP is getting very "big girl." She's a blast.

    Red Hen, I passed your comment on to my daughter. I've been telling her that Lily would be a sweet name.


  9. Jodi,

    Thank you for sharing such sweet photos with us. I love Hazel Peach's braids and that smile :) The cows have also stolen my heart. Someday I hope we can have some :)

    Is the zinc lid on your soap dispenser one with porcelain? I recently purchased some lids like that and thought I might give it a try too :)

    Have a Blessed Resurrection Day!

  10. I love those pink noses on the calves and HP's sweet face. What a lovely post, Jody! Happy Easter! Maybe they'll name the baby Beatrice, or Mary Jane, or little Frannie ... can't wait to hear what they come up with!


  11. Well, I have a guess! My guess for Cupcake's name is Kathryn.

    Have a blessed Easter Jody.

    Joyce, whose birthday has been on Easter twice, once when I was six and once when I was 17. Maybe it's three times, but now that I'm a senior, I can't remember!

  12. I just love Hazel Peach!! Your father is so kind to make those sweet tulips for you xoxo Clarice


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